20-02-18 classic pose in bath house

I think “Dreaming Thicket” is a rebranding of Anachron: at any rate they have a lovely range of roleplay-type gowns, in jewel (and where appropriate, muddy) colours. I picked this Peresephone robe as it brought a promise of spring, and I dug out a couple of flowery LODE items to go with it. The setting is the Alaouite skybox from Scarlet Creative. This was in an early Luxe Box, but now that the Luxe Box has stopped, the creator has just made all the Luxe Box builds available in her shop. I haven’t had time to decorate at all, but the box is so detailed it looks wonderful just by itself.

Queen Persephone Robe: Dreaming Thicket
Assassin tattoo: White~Widow
Jingle Bell Ring – Silver:(Yummy)
Avva Bracelet – Realevil Industries
Hand Accessory – Forsythia Bouquet; Head Accessory – Field Flowers Wreath [rappi]: *LODE*
Darya Wedges: Eudora
Maysoon Ring: Lazuri
Necklace – Coachella Valley Dula: Maxi Gossamer
Avatar Enhancement Feet High: Slink
Harry’s Glasses: SPELL
Teanna hair: TRUTH
F’Brooches-GoldFly RARE [Since1975]
Katra – Polar – August skin: -Glam Affair –
Amare Eyes (Blue): Aphotic Gloom
Classic avatar body and head
pose: Uchiwa by Addme