03-01-19 japonica kimono

As usual, there are many attractive kimono released for the new year. This picture was taken at Japonica, where in addition to the shops they also have scenes like this one, complete with poses, for you to take memorable shots.

The kimono is a new release from Agata Mode and the obi and obi ornaments, and the inner collar, are texture change. The hair is also at Japonica, but is an earlier release. It comes complete with colour/texture change hair ornaments and comb.

*AGATA*: Tamae kimono / E (Japonica)
*TKW*: Ayane hair (Japonica)
[White~Widow – NORMAL]: Assassin tattoo- White
Fallen Gods: Opal skin
(Yummy): Jingle Bell Ring – Silver
Lazuri: Maysoon Ring Right
Aphotic Gloom: Amare Eyes (Blue)
Classic avatar body and head