05-01-20 new year ahiru back view

With the new year come fresh winter and New Year kimono. This kimono with its warm outer coat was one of those on sale at the latest round of Japonica. I was also lucky in getting a hair ribbon in just the right colour from one of the Japonica gachas and I pulled some Zouri by the same designer (Exia) from my inventory. The first photo was taken in the Ahiru village, which is magical under the snow. In the second photo you can see the front view of the outfit – I’m posing with a lot of New Year items, including an offering and rats (it’s the Year of the rat) by Schadenfreude at Japonica and arrows, some collected from a couple of shrines and some given as group gifts by [RH]

Hair “Isla”: “”D!va””
KaO Ribbon Lace Red [in hair]: * EXiA *
Hana / kimono E: *AGATA*]
Kimono Accessories Zouri Red [shoes and socks]: EXiA
:Hamaya 2020 [arrow]: KATAKANA Shrine (held in 2nd photo)
Kalki earrings *gold*: Zaara
Sia II Ice – Polar tone – 03 NB: Glam Affair
Onora 10 eyeshadow: Zibska
Haneen – White [face tattoo]: Stardust
Amare Eyes (Blue): Aphotic Gloom
Classic avatar body

03-01-20 happy new year 2