Aphotic Gloom


This new dress from A la Folie is available in a prim/flexi version or a mesh version. This is a nice idea and each of the dresses has a different style, even though the basic design and texture is the same. This flexi version has a nice swoosh to it whereas (of course) the mesh one bends with you and has a certain amount of flow when you walk.
This isn’t my favourite Glam Affair skin except that it’s the only one I’ve ever found with blue eyebrows to match my hair! I’m wearing it a lot because of that, I hadn’t realised before how I missed having matching eyebrows….

Flower Pumps “Eve”: G Field
Fleur bleue (dress, flexi version): AlaFolie
bee-dama kanzashi (hair ornament, freebie at the Fu-rin market at nonino’s on Swayland; I took the picture below in a cute skyglobe above Swayland): +tr+ & *bg*
Cynthia w/Roots – blueberry: TRUTH
Jade Bangles – gunmetal: Eolande’s (no longer available)
LAURA necklace: Donna Flora
Pale Blue Wrapped Feather Boa: Schadenfreude
Roza – Natural – I’m Crazy – Blue (skin): Glam Affair
Amare Eyes (Blue): Aphotic Gloom
Pose, above, by Marukin

Dreaming above Swayland

So we are almost at the end of the 52 weeks of colour challenge, I can’t believe the time has gone so fast! This week is “cream” and I combined the top from one dress (a cute outfit with drawings of cats on it – the skirt was just too short for me) and the skirt from another one (I love this skirt!) Taking the cat theme from the top, I wore the “Cyrus Kitty” set from Alienbear Gupte; the glow on her pearls is beautiful. I also thought I should have one of the pictures with a cat (Quilt, one of my 3 kittycats). The elephant pose prop from a few weeks ago also tried to get into the picture.

*NECON* dress (top only): YOMESHOUJO
summer romance dress (skirt only): salt
FringeSweedSneaker in red: ANEXX
Rose Lace Tights: G. Field
Dolce Vita shrug in grey: PARADISIS
Marielle hiar in blueberry: Truth
Kitty Cyrus Pearl bracelet, necklace and earrings: Alienbear Gupte
Clarus Eyes (Currant): Aphotic Gloom
Tuli’s Eva skin no longer available.
Pose by Still Life

"Cream" with Quilt (the cat)

This is where it all starts (Mulberry)
The title for this just popped into my head when I landed in Kari’s “Cusack” skybox. I don’t often think up fancy titles, but the sharp shadows, and slightly peeling walls gave me a feeling of someone leaving their old life behind and starting over.
As far as “Mulberry” goes, I’m a bit more “fruits of the forest”, lots of different berry colours. I didn’t think the swatch was quite Mulberry colour: I have eaten them, off this Mulberry tree outside Charlton House which is the only surviving ones of the original mulberry trees introduced to England by James 1st in the 17th Century, to try and get an English silk industry going (as silkworms eat mulberry leaves). Being 400 years old the tree is somewhat gnarled, but it does still produce some edible mulberries every year and they taste fine. This post from my work-related blog shows a picture of Charlton House and the squiggly things on top of the arch at the front are meant to be silkworms, I think. So that’s the end of the history lesson.
This is where it all starts (Mulberry)

PINK FLOWER FIELD top: moho.inc
Floral gown(jet): C’est la vie
Marielle -hair & hairbase in blueberry: TRUTH
Flared Cuff jeans Jackie: Mimikri
Nana shoes in purple: Enkythings
Gypsy Anklet and bracelet- Pinks: PD
Clarus eyes, currant: Aphotic Gloom
Pose by Studio Sidhe
Taken in Kari’s “The Cusack Skybox”
Tuli skin, Eva, nolonger available.

I couldn’t get very excited about Khaki, to be honest, but I did spend a while putting this look together from my inventory. We are getting very close now to the end of the 52 weeks of colour challenge!
Avanta crop coat: DE Designs
Chilla sweater: Vanitas Vesture
Checkskirt: Fall Into Decay
Bag: MCH (no longer available)
Twinkle corsage yellow: Tomoto
Shearling boots: Maitreya
Orologio necklace: Centopallini
Tights: Glam (no longer available)
Oscar hair (tinted): Lelutka
Clarus eyes: Aphotic Gloom
Pose by Ribbon