Another fluffy floral outfit, with a favourite jacket over a newish dress. The pictures are taken in the new “Patron House” by Eliza Wierwight.

Moyesi dress in Pink: Sascha’s (SAS)
Flower Pumps “Eve”: G. Field
Jacket kimono pink: Awram Viie
ombre nails (sakura): croire
Evelyn hair in babyblue and hair flower from Kalia style: Truth
ROSES necklace: Donna Floira
Short earring pearl: Swallowtail
Roza skin – Natural – I’m Crazy – Blue: Glam Affair
Amare Eyes (Blue): Aphotic Gloom
Pose by Marukin


The 52 weeks of colour challenge this week focuses on Firebrick. I ended up with quite a few things out of my inventory, but new was this really cute owl bag (the lanterns are also on sale in the shop Adjunct (where I took the first picture), using the same owl shape). The back satchel made me think “back to school” so I found this Japanese school role play sim (and spaceport….). I stood up on the school roof looking soulful, like they do in anime when they have problems.

Firebrick "Doshte"
Kimono jacket: Awram Vie
Charlotte shoes: Shiny Things
Dragonfly Ring: EY:NO
Night Owl Box bag: Lucy in Disguise
Danmuji bag (on back): UFO
Karmuka necklace: Zaara
Carina outfit (top only) : Clio
Red cargo pants: A2NZ
Folk Green Drop Earring: Glow
Tasmine hair: Truth
Eyes: Aphotic Gloom; Skin, Tuli, no longer available
Pose: Lazy Places

I’m a bit late with my 52 weeks of color challenge post this week, but I actually decided pretty quickly that I wanted to wear this silky red dress. I think it was created to go with vampy high heels, but I thought I would work it into a more “boho early evening dinner” kind of look.
Diabolique dress: Icing
Jacket stripe navy: Awram viie (on dollarbie wall)
Black paisley scarf: Boho Hobo
Silje hair and blue hairbase: Amacci
Color hoop earrings: Zaara
Knotted bead strand, ruby: Shiny Things (possibly my oldest necklace, from the Gnubie Store)
Rose lace tights: G. Field
Diva flats: G. Field
Nail varnish: Ibizarre
Poses: Digital Dragon
Skin by Tuli and eyes by Miriel (no longer available)


This new skirt from Elymode is beautifully frothy, and I went over the top with jewelry and pinkness to go with it.
Just Add Outfit Top Pink: *Sari’s*
Top It Up Vest Pink: *Sari’s*
Jacket kimono pink: AWRAM-VIIE
Pacifica Gypsy Skirt -pink: Elymode
Paua Shell Necklace Round/Pink: (luc)
Gypsy necklace and earrings – Pinks: Puarangi Designs
Glass chunk bracelet: Shiny Things
Pink Floral/Stripe Bangle: Kate McLaglen
Short Western boots, pink: G. Field
Trinity hair in blueberry: Truth
Dawn Langwidere Blush skin: Schadenfreude
Poses by LAP

Windsurfing in Bora BoraThe new swimwear from G.Field put me in a happy holiday mood. I’m wearing mens shorts and the women’s bikini top, just seen under kimono jacket. A happy coincidence was the pretty Hump Day items from Puarangi Designs, the whole pink Gypsy whole set (I’m just wearing an anklet and a bracelet, and the earrings, though you can’t really see them under my hair), and a set of hair flowers (I’m also wearing a second hair flower, from Feather). I fished out some old G.Field shoes that seemed to match nicely, and were surprisingly practical for windsurfing in the Bora Bora sim ….
hair_cosaju: Feather
Hair Lily – Pink Centerburst: Puarangi Designs
Floral Bikini Top and swim trunks (pants only) -pink: G.Field
Kimono jacket pink: AWRAM-VIIE
Strap Sandal “Floria” -Pink Tulip: G.Field
Gypsy Anklet and bracelet – Pinks: Puarangi Designs
Twinkle Toast – Lilac dreams: Clawtooth
Tuli’s Elizabeth skin and eyes by Miriel (no longer available)

I love anything with butterflies, and so I headed straight for Tekeli-li when I saw the new Flora set blogged. I just invested in the hair and the bracelets. They have intricate metalwork, with a butterfly and blossoms, all colour change (metals and gems). I show them here with two different looks. In the first one I went for a plain, almost severe setting, using two pieces I had got in Silentsparrow’s 50 Linden sale.
Flora Bracelets and Sapphire hair: Tekeli-li
Jangling jack shirt in dusk: silentsparrow
Koumori suit in twilight: silentsparrow
Fireworks Earrings: EarthStones
Hylda Boot *BlackSnake*: Tesla
Eva (tone 1/bl) 02a skin: Tuli
Eyes by Miriel (no longer available)

Like everyone else I also fell in love with this kimono jacket, and I thought the hair worked with this, as it has a Japanese feel. Mind you, I think that (like with RL kimono jackets) the jacket looks good with dresses, jeans and on its own 😉
Flora Bracelets and Sapphire hair: Tekeli-li
Kimono jacket pink: AWRAM-VIIE
Marisol dress in ruby: Decoy (the creator’s profile says they are rebuilding at the moment)
Jade Longevity earrings: Eolande’s
Wedge Tong sandals in lapis blue: G. Field
Skin and eyes as above; Pictures taken in Salimar

Looking at my clothes
If I had as few clothes as this in my inventory, managing it would be really simple.
Clothes in my closet (a line of pictures of AWRAM-VIIE clothes, a freebie instore) plus a skirt from “Grandma”; wardrobe by Cheap Cheap; Butterfly picture by LISP; Green basket by Secondspaces; Rug from Melino Style; Bed by Lyla’s Eclectic Furniture; Hatbox (on top of wardrobe) is an old Pixeldolls’ purchase box; House by Y’s
Morning coffee
This shows the hair style in more detail
Coffee maker (gives cups of coffee) from TESH GARDENS, steaming red kettle from & tissue box by Kloka, kitchen unit from Bitter Vanilla; House by Y’s