Chinoiserie in the lake house
I got quite excited when I saw Gogo’s Bubblegum Weekends challenge, where she asks people to wear nice colours of hair like blue, pink, green and purple. Since I always have blue hair, I must be on a permanent bubblegum weekend (or perhaps I need to switch to blond or brunette for my bubblegum experience?) I’m combining a 52 weeks of colour challenge post with a bubblegum one, hope it works.
I never found the right excuse, before, to buy this dress, but I think it is sort of mahogany colour and it certainly very beautiful, the train is so swishy. I found this Matsumoto Castle/Great Wall of China area by chance, searching for photo locations, and it is lovely.

The poses are by Teasoup.
Chinoiserie gown: Icing
Flora bracelets: Tekeli-li
Kalia hair in babyblue (includes the flower): Truth
Skin by Tuli and eyes & Nouveau earrings by Miriel (no longer available)

Across the lake

I’m a bit late with my 52 weeks of color challenge post this week, but I actually decided pretty quickly that I wanted to wear this silky red dress. I think it was created to go with vampy high heels, but I thought I would work it into a more “boho early evening dinner” kind of look.
Diabolique dress: Icing
Jacket stripe navy: Awram viie (on dollarbie wall)
Black paisley scarf: Boho Hobo
Silje hair and blue hairbase: Amacci
Color hoop earrings: Zaara
Knotted bead strand, ruby: Shiny Things (possibly my oldest necklace, from the Gnubie Store)
Rose lace tights: G. Field
Diva flats: G. Field
Nail varnish: Ibizarre
Poses: Digital Dragon
Skin by Tuli and eyes by Miriel (no longer available)


Indigo: trade winds

I finally discovered shadows, and although they slow things down a bit, they don’t actually crash me, so I played with them a little bit in this picture. The dress (which I think is indigo…) is called “Tradewinds” so I wanted the idea of a sunny but rather windy beach. I definitely think of indigo as being an inky sort of blue, and I thought of this dress as soon as I saw “indigo”, but I tried to match my hair to the lighter colour swatch that Luna Jubilee gave us (well, sort of). Wikipedia has a range of colours. Actually I also thought of this anime, the title translates to “Bluer than indigo” and the heroine has blue hair, which appears to be both the wikipedia indigo colours.

Indigo: trade winds
Tradewinds dress: Icing
Wool wrap: SySy
Victorian ankle boot in Squid Ink: Juicy
Navy rose lace tights: G. Field
Circe bracelet: Tekeli-Li
Butterfly brooch (from a butterfly hunt): Random Calliope
Orie hair in blue: Zero Style
Nail varnish: Ibizarre
Eva skin by Tuli and eyes by Miriel (no longer available)
In a “What next” beach house, Rosemary in a pot by Aintree Gardens and beach doormat by Origins.
First pose in the “Sakura” balloon, 2nd pose by Lazy Places

Merry Christmas

It’s green in the 52 weeks of colour challenge, and this is my festive attempt! Merry Christmas!
Here is Luna Jubilee’s green post: http://lunajubilee.com/2010/12/25/52-weeks-of-color-challenge-green/

Romany Kiss dress in forest: Evie’s Closet (old group gift)
Festive Geri hair in teal: Truth (group gift last year)
Fur stole from Holiday Party outfit: Icing
Nail varnish: Ibizarre
Glazed heart earrings: Eolande’s
White Dragon bracelet: Ticky Tacky
Eva skin from Tuli, eyes by Miriel (no longer available) and Caribou (with poses) by Baffle.