This is neon carrot, ok?
I wasn’t wild about having to look for more orange for the 52 weeks of colour, but I decided to make a trip to Boho Hobo because I thought I might find something suitable there – and I was right. It says this dress is “gold” but it looks pretty neon carrot to me. Then I went along with the boho look – I think this hair is my favourite for that, as it sweeps back nicely to show off my earrings.
When I saw the Gamer Con poses from Olive Juice, that seemed just right. I like the idea of looking all fluffy and hippy and then turning out to be a tough no-nonsense Girl With Guns. So if I say this is neon carrot, no-one’s arguing, right?
Salwar Kameez in gold: Boho Hobo
Nalah long necklace: (luc)
Sarayi painted hoop earrings: Zaara
knit tights in darkred: Petit Ange
Hair 137 in blue and hairbase in blue: W&Y
Boho Chic mules in pumpkin (I think they were a Halloween gift): Jori Watler
Poses by Olive Juice “Gamer Con”

This is neon carrot, ok?

Blue and White
When I saw this new lovely fluffy skirt I dashed across and bought at once, as I knew it would go with my new embellished Zaara top. For the rest I managed to keep to old favourites, except for retinting my tights (thank you G Field for providing the permissions!)
I am always on the look out for still-available skins that I don’t feel yuck in – most of them are too highly coloured for me and/or have horrible pouty mouths. I feel fairly comfortable in this new skin from AMD. It is “gothly” shade: I would like it to be a bit more evenly pale myself, but I thought it was fairly pretty, with some nice detail.
Zayba top: Zaara
Neato sweatshirt in grey: Tres Blah
Aragon skirt: Fishy Strawberry
Sea feather earrings: (luc)
Natural blue bracelet: Caroline’s
Ash hair in blue: Analog dog
Little diva shoes: G. Field
Rose lace tights (tinted): G. Field
Gaia skin in gothly: AMD (apple May Designs)

As soon as I saw “Cerise” was the next colour in the “52 weeks” challenge, I thought of one of my favourite ever dresses, this “Elizabeth” dress from Last Call. I don’t usually feature pictures of my bottom (see 2nd picture), but the satin texture of this is perfect and the skirt also hangs just right, beautifully designed with just a few prims. The shrug I am wearing was the only thing in my inventory which I found when I searched on Cerise. After a lot of trying-on, I settled on this shell jewelry set from (luc) as it had just the right mixture of colours. To begin with I was wearing a smooth updo, but this rougher hair looked more “me”.
Thanks again to Luna Jubilee for starting the challenge, here is her Cerise post.
Elizabeth dress in orchid: Last Call (no longer available)
Sparkle shrug in cerise: Adam n’Eve
Kamoana Shell earrings, bracelets and necklace: (luc)
Tomi hair in blue: Kin
Nana shoes in purple: Enkythings
Eva skin: Tuli
Birdhouse by Baffle (hunt item)


Does this count as yellow?
I’m not sure this counts as yellow: I started with good intentions, but a lot of green crept in (not normally a colour I wear, it tends to clash with my hair). This patchwork dress came out last year but I still think it’s great, and the colours tone nicely with the (luc) set. They all have distinct patches of yellow, honest…¬† Undoubtedly yellow is the Swirly Cardigan. However, I’m afraid it degenerates into dark green as far as the rest of the clothes go.

The snowmen look pretty happy about it, though.

This is week¬† 6 of Luna Jubilee’s 52 weeks of colour challenge and here is her yellow “starter post!

Patchwork knit Tunic-GREEN Patchwork Ribbon boots (secret colour): anuenue
Nail polish – golden: Ibizarre
Hair Lena ~ Blue: Amacci
Whirly Cardi – Yellow: Nylon Outfitters
Drew long sleeve avocado: Jane
Vintage Green Ducks Bangle, necklace and earrings Gold: (luc)
Jade Bangles R, color change: Eolande’s
Rose Lace Tights -green: G. Field
Eva (tone 1/bl) 02a: Tuli
Pictures taken in Baffle, poses in snowman

Autumn outfit
This new cardigan from Nylon Outfitters goes deliciously with the recently released Zaara skirts and some older items from Zaara: the tank top and amber bracelet. I already loved the G.Field Western boots, so I immediately snapped up these new Halloween ones at a bargain price.
Autumn outfit
Whirly cardigan in yellow: Nylon Outfitters
Trishna print skirt in sunset: Zaara
Mishti tank in lemon: Zaara
Patra gold bracelet: Zaara
Mala Beads necklace in tiger eye: (luc)
Tortoishell earrings: Eclectica
Western boots in Halloween: G. Field
Trinity hair in blueberry: Truth
Eva skin: Tuli
In first picture: (left) Zacca Halloween lamp and (right) Fall paper lantern (Fashionably Dead)

I couldn’t resist wearing this freebie halloween hair that I picked up at the itutu autumn fair, even though its not my colour (it has a little green stalk at the top too). The other current freebie I’m wearing is the jacket from Kloka: it’s free in their shop, as is a cute pumpkin ornament. I love the (relatively new pieces by (luc): this necklace adds a hint of summer to an autumn outfit.
Twinkle Toast hair in lilac dreams: Clawtooth
Halloween gift hair (orange): *barberyumyum* (Free in itutu Halloween fair)
short coat (brown): Kloka (free in store)
Carlotta Square Ring in Onyx: Caroline’s Jewelry)
Pearl earrings: Swallowtail
Tears of the Ocean, Necklace Gold: (luc)
Eva (tone 1/bl) 02a skin: Tuli
Short Ribbon Boots “Anna” in pumpkin: G Field (gift last year)
Sari Skirt (Brown): Sn@tch
Mishti tank *apricot*: Zaara
Pose by Lotta

This new skirt from Elymode is beautifully frothy, and I went over the top with jewelry and pinkness to go with it.
Just Add Outfit Top Pink: *Sari’s*
Top It Up Vest Pink: *Sari’s*
Jacket kimono pink: AWRAM-VIIE
Pacifica Gypsy Skirt -pink: Elymode
Paua Shell Necklace Round/Pink: (luc)
Gypsy necklace and earrings – Pinks: Puarangi Designs
Glass chunk bracelet: Shiny Things
Pink Floral/Stripe Bangle: Kate McLaglen
Short Western boots, pink: G. Field
Trinity hair in blueberry: Truth
Dawn Langwidere Blush skin: Schadenfreude
Poses by LAP