In Mimikri at theStar festival

I have always been a fan of Mimikri, and I think this mesh dress, Linette, fits very nicely. The top is not mesh, so I don’t have to change my shape, and there are two separate parts to the flouncy skirt which means it works quite well when you are sitting down. The pictures were taken in the teahouse at the Star Festival 111, 169, 1104

In Mimikri at theStar festival
Linette dress in blossom: Mimikri
day dream ballet shoes: ::{u.f.o}::
Dolce Vita shrug in Brown: PARADISIS
Classic jeans *coffee*: Zaara
Cynthia hair in teal: Truth
Johanna Ring – Opal Lapis: EarthStones
Leah – Contessina skin: Glam Affair

In Drowsy
I took this in the newly-repoened Drowsy sim, where you can get the wearable bear and birdcage free. I’m wearing a smart tweed dress from Mimikri, with a jumper and thick tights to keep out the cold.
Yvette dress: Mimikri
Short Lace-Up Boots: G. Field
Nail polish – dark blue: Ibizarre
Drew long sleeve tee: Jane
Nishar leggings *dirty black*: Zaara
Leather Bracelet-cross: ASO!
earring_placido(ruby): Twinkleberry
Flying Ladybeetle brooch: Eclectica
HAIR New 137: W&Y

Winter dream

This hair isn’t quite blue enough for regular wear, but I love the style (I already have it in the colour that’s nearest to blue) and I couldn’t resist snapping it up at the latest collabor88. Everything there is a price ending in 8, with a lot of things (like the hair) at 88 Linden. The earrings and necklace came from there too (the other earring has red rings, or stones, or whatever they are) and so did the pose prop chair.

sf design always do good freebies, and this cardigan is no exception. The “give a freebie to attract buyers” strategy worked with me, as I bought the boots to match: in RL I have been tempted by grey knitted boots like this, but it is so damp in the UK, that whenever it was cold enough to wear them, they would let in the rain. Not a problem in SL, though.
double breasted cardigan grey marl: sf design (free: there is a men’s and women’s version)
Jeans / Jackie funky: Mimikri
cardi boots: sf design
Rainy Day hair – Russia: Fashionably Dead
Olrich earring, silver: LaGyo
Stone Necklace – Aged Gold: Willow
Clarus Eyes: Aphotic Gloom
Tuli’s Eva skin (no longer available)

This is where it all starts (Mulberry)
The title for this just popped into my head when I landed in Kari’s “Cusack” skybox. I don’t often think up fancy titles, but the sharp shadows, and slightly peeling walls gave me a feeling of someone leaving their old life behind and starting over.
As far as “Mulberry” goes, I’m a bit more “fruits of the forest”, lots of different berry colours. I didn’t think the swatch was quite Mulberry colour: I have eaten them, off this Mulberry tree outside Charlton House which is the only surviving ones of the original mulberry trees introduced to England by James 1st in the 17th Century, to try and get an English silk industry going (as silkworms eat mulberry leaves). Being 400 years old the tree is somewhat gnarled, but it does still produce some edible mulberries every year and they taste fine. This post from my work-related blog shows a picture of Charlton House and the squiggly things on top of the arch at the front are meant to be silkworms, I think. So that’s the end of the history lesson.
This is where it all starts (Mulberry)

PINK FLOWER FIELD top: moho.inc
Floral gown(jet): C’est la vie
Marielle -hair & hairbase in blueberry: TRUTH
Flared Cuff jeans Jackie: Mimikri
Nana shoes in purple: Enkythings
Gypsy Anklet and bracelet- Pinks: PD
Clarus eyes, currant: Aphotic Gloom
Pose by Studio Sidhe
Taken in Kari’s “The Cusack Skybox”
Tuli skin, Eva, nolonger available.

I was really sorry to read that Eolande is moving out of SL. I have been buying and enjoying her jewellery ever since I can remember, and this butterfly necklace (gem change) is one of my favourite pieces. Too many good people have left SL, and this makes a couple of my very favourite jewellery designers (her and Miriel) who aren’t around any more.

On a more upbeat note, I also love this denim dress, so it was my first choice for the 52 weeks of colour “denim” week: I have the maxi dress in a couple of shades of denim, and also a shorter version that I wear over leggings or a skirt. Originally it was sold as part of the “To one lounge” market, but now it’s in the Oyakin mainstore. I’m using a picture I have on my wall as a background: the butterflies come out of an emitter, they aren’t part of the painting 😉
Maxi-denim dress in dark: To one lounge (now at Oyakin)
Butterfly charmer necklace and dragonfly earrings: Eolande’s
Butterfly bracelet: Swallowtail
Nica ballerina shoes in cognac: Mimikri
Kalia hair in babyblue: Truth
Skin by Tuli and eyes by Miriel (no longer available)
Picture: “The other side of silence” by Zeppie Innis


Ruby on the edge
I thought I had some ruby slippers (like in Wizard of Oz) in my inventory (for ruby week in 52 weeks of colour), but no. If the flats that Mimikri brought out recently had been in ruby, I’d have definitely got those, but the nearest colour was pink. Then I saw these Swansong ruby flats on Sawa Gothly, and they have butterflies on, which was the clincher. However, you’ll need to look at the 2nd picture to see them. Seeking somewhere to take pictures, I remembered that Cajsa Lilliehook had used ImagiLearning, so I went there. After posing on castle battlements, I trekked up to the volcano and stood on the edge. Although my pretty shoes and feet seem to have melted, I felt no pain (and after that I fell in, and survived, but I decided it was probably time to tp out).
Ruby red
Border linen tunic red: Honey Soul
Luz shrug: Mimikri
Flutter flats in ruby: Swansong
Isadora hair in blueberry: Truth
Carlotta earrings: Caroline’s
Monochrome mosaic necklace: Duh
Mosaic cuff bracelet in Jubilee: Earthstones
Journey tweed slacks (tinted): Elephant outfitters
Red knit Stripey socks: Schadenfreude
Pose by Ribbon; skin by Tuli (no longer available)

To be honest this post in the 52 weeks of colour challenge ended up more teal than anything, but there IS some olive in there. The two tops only show a little under the new Mimikri tunic, but the Neato shirt adds some more olive, and the Novocaine one picks up the apple colour. I actually bought a 15 Linden bowl of olives to use in the shoot, but in the end I pulled out these olive trees (by Botanical) and used them instead. I got several pairs of Hoot’s mini-wings in the Albero gatcha fair, I’m wearing the tourmaline colour in these pictures. The two poses I show front-on are by Olive Juice, of course 😉
Felice tunic in poison: Mimikri
Neato sweatshirt: Tres Blah
Frayed top in eve: Novocaine
Floral wash jeans in teal: Callie Cline
Pia hair in teal: Truth
Hair beads: Earthstones
Skosh boots in teal: Duh
Mini-wings: Hoot
Eyes by Miriel and skin by Tuli no longer available.

This video reminded me of 52 weeks – 3 ordinary-sized women show how they would introduce cobalt blue into their wardrobes in RL .. . http://bcove.me/a7ja2q8u

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