Brownie lamp

I’m in thoughtful mood in this Yukata (Yukata Shima) by *MiuMin*. I’m wearing it with sneakers by *.amato.* (free at the Beginners Luck fair http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Palomarian/24/101/778), Briony hair by Truth and carrying a delightful gatcha item from Hanaya: the brownie lamp. The picture was taken on the Nordari sim.

MiuMin kimono
I only found out about the recent Kimono Festival on the last day (August 1st) but I was glad I had caught it, since there were some lovely kimono and accessories. I bought several kimono (and nabbed some freebies) but here I am again in an outfit by my favourite kimono designer, MiuMin. It includes the geta (shoes), obi, hair flower ornament and also a small bag that I haven’t shown. The material is beautifully filmy and I love the pattern.
After I’d taken the first pictures I bought a couple more hair ornaments and changed my hairstyle to show them off better: this Colette style from Exile works well with hair sticks and combs.
Hair ornaments
Yukata Hana YxB: *MiuMin*
Cynthia hair in teal: Truth (1st pictures) and Colette hair Roots in Lapis: Exile (2nd picture)
Kanzashi01 and Tanabata Kanzashi (hair sticks): BAIKEN
Uchiwa (fan): made by Heart Irata
knzFreeB (hair comb): anz-an
Mia Fairy Tales skin: Glam Affair

Sakura kimono
I seem to be buying every kimono that MiuMin puts out at The Gallery Gift Shop. The latest one is a sakura (cherry blossom) kimono that can be worn in three ways. As with the black kimono earlier, I went for the fluffiest style, that include foams of lace and an elaborate obi with a large blossom at the front and further blossoms on the back of the obi. You also get a cherry blossom bag to hold, and cherry blossoms for your hair. There are shoes too, but instead I opted for G Field’s Flower pumps Eva. The hair is Truth’s Evelyn, and my skin is (for once) a new one: Glam Affair’s Leah, in a special pale colour for the Gallery Gift Shop.
Sakura kimono

Black kimono
With a beautiful kimono like this, you don’t need any extra items! The lace detail is amazing. Lovely for cherry blossom viewing.
3way KiMoNoDress (includes shoes): MiuMIn
Eyeshadow) Mix and Match: cheLLe
Zaria hair with Kalia Flower: TRUTH
Afghan Kuchi hoops: Meena
Pose by Marukin
Skin by Tuli (no longer available)

Pink kimono
Miumin does such lively kimono, and I got this one (and also the kitten on my head, and the flats) at the Couleur de Tout 1 year anniversary event which is located here. I am using MiuMin’s pose box. Below is a closeup of the adorable kitten, which came from a head-kitten gatcha at CDT (there are head-ducks which are also very cute).
Kimono-SpringDot: *MiuMin*
Nail polish – pale fuchsia: Ibizarre
(eyeshadow) Mix and Match: cheLLe
neneko_Gacha ~01~ Siamese: +NK+
Zaria hair – teal: Truth
Princess flats: Sakka’s Studio
Tuli’Eva skin and Miriel eyes no longer available

Kitten head

The red kimono
MiuMin does beautiful kimono, usually complete with accessories. This one came with the blue ball that has two poses in it. I also bought (for 100 Linden) a posing box (see below), that has nice details like the tassel handle at the front. There is one rezzed in MiuMin’s shop, too, so if you didn’t want to buy it you could still use it to pose yourself and take pictures.
Homura kimono (complete with hair accessory (not shown), ball, geta and tabi): MiuMin
Mourray hair (tinted blue): Lelutka
Black Feather Earring: CentoPallini
Clarus eyes: Aphotic Gloom

Doll box from MiuMin