Nylon Outfitters

Teal tales

Most of the stuff at the latest colabor88 is mesh, but I was happy to put on this non-mesh outfit from Nylon Outfitters: I could see my proper shape again! I realised after I’d taken the pictures that I don’t showcase a feature of the jacket: the pretty pattern on the back. That pattern is one reason why I chose this hairstyle (so the back wasn’t covered up). The mesh hair from Wasabi Pills has a very cute braid and a beautiful sweep of hair, that leaves one side of the scalp uncovered. They supply a “shaved head” base, but that is my one complaint as you only get it in green in this coloureds pack. In the notecard it says that this should work with all the hair in this pack, but frankly it looked too green. Fortunately this teal hairbase from Truth matched nicely.

Patterned Jeans – Lace and Desert Jean Jacket – Teal: Nylon Outfitters
Wedge Bootie “Beth”: G Field
Neato Sweatshirt (yellow): Tres Blah
Hairbase – teal: Truth
*komorebi*bracelet: R.A.Crystal
Aida Mesh Hair – Aquatic: Wasabi Pills
Butterfly Collector Necklace: (Yummy)
Simplicity: Turquoise (Necklace): Mariposa
Jade Bangles: Eolande’s (no longer available)
Kaya Turquoise bracelet and earring: Zaara
Roza Unnamed 02 skin (group gift): Glam Affair
Eyes by Miriel (no longer available)
Seated pose in the LISP cushion, other picture taken in HY’s cafe

In pink at the world's end

I took this picture in World’s End Gardens, a lovely sim (with lovely group gifts too! some pretty gowns) The leggings are from the new round of Collabor88. The dress and shoes are mesh items from Barerose (who now have a huge wall of mesh stuff)

Sheer Floral Henley – White and Metallic Leggings – White: Nylon Outfitters
Persian Slipper Shoes and Otto dress in palepink: Barerose
Pia hair – babyblue: Truth
Icicle Earrings and necklace – Lavender Ice: EarthStones
Mia Fairy Tales skin: Glam Affair
Pose by Marukin

Drifting off
I visited the Back to Black event (which is raining awareness of mental health issues). One of things I picked up was this lovely set in lapis – necklace, bangle and earrings. Most of the other things I’m wearing are comfy old favourites. I did revisit Raw House for my hair, though, I’d forgotten they did a nice selection of blues.
Classic Jeans *ash* & Mishti tank in lemon: Zaara
Flat Shoes “Little Diva”: G Field
Whirly Cardi – Grey: Nylon Outfitters
Nail polish – golden: Ibizarre
Earrings, necklace and bracelet. Lapis & beads: Elemental! (Back to Black)
Kiki hair [Cold 08]: Raw House
Tuli’s Eva skin and Miriel’s indigo eyes (no longer available)
Chair by Y’s House; plus my KittyCat Stone

Lacey days
Magika has a half price sale. I ended up buying four hairstyles (I loved it that the demos were in my colours for a change) and this one is very cute, with a colour-change beanie and an attractive fringe of hair.
Crocheted Flower Blouse: Nylon Outfitters
Aragon Skirt Red: Fishy Strawberry
Charlottes shoes: Shiny Things
Sheer Tintable Lycra Tights: GLAM (no longer available)
Nail polish: Ibizarre
Double Metal Bracelet: Miriel (no longer available)
A Daisy for you Earrings and necklace: Dark Mouse
Cody hair: Magika
Clarus Eyes (Currant): Aphotic Gloom
Poses by Tea Soup

Wenge (for the 52 weeks of colour challenge) was a colour I couldn’t get very excited about. Brown is just not something I go for in SL. I wish I’d had Rudhmellowen’s idea of being a tree which is a lot more fun. In fact I was so ho hum about Wenge that although I took my Wenge pictures last week, I only suddenly today remembered I hadn’t actually blogged them.
However, I did like this outfit in the end, probably because it is pretty wenge-lite. I think that the cardi definitely has wenge in it, and the Tres Blah undershirt is wenge (although you can’t see much of it). Also I detect wenge in the bunny-skull head. I’m a fan of Zeery’s scarves, by the way, they seem to be made for my size of avi.
Next week is mulberry, yipee, I love that colour, no wenging about that.

Cardigan: Nylon outfitters;
Neato Sweatshirt: Tres Blah;
Hair – Rykiel (tinted), Lelutka;
Aragon Skirt, Fishy Strawberry;
Scarf, Zeery;
Boots, LPD;
Lace Tights, G. Field;
Bracelets, League;
Halloween crown, AA;
Skin by Tuli, Bunny skull bag, BP (both no longer available).

Flowers, Butterflies, Fruit: Lemon
This week it is lemon in the 52 weeks challenge. I had decided I wanted to include a lemon fruit, and by searching around a bit I came across this wearable pile of fruit, which includes lemons as well as apples and possibly some other fruits as well. I have probably worn this cardigan too many times – but I like it! Then I found this wreath in my inventory, decided to go flower child (the name of the wreath) and ended up buying this amazing dress in Vita’s Boudoir.
Flowers, Butterflies, Fruit: Lemon
Fruits (includes lemons! with holding pose): Slow Kitchen
Whirly cardi in yellow: Nylon Outfitters
Flowerchild wreath (teal and lemon): by Vicarious Lee’s WildThings
Rainbow flower dress: Vita’s Boudoir
Khloe hair: Raspberry Aristocrat
Skin by Tuli and eyes by Miriel (no longer available)
Dragonfly tree and butterfly grass by Vitabella, other butterflies by Alirium Gardens

The vintage bananaphone is the star in this picture. My friend Nigl got it stuck about 3 years ago on top of the library and now it’s a sort of landmark. Also in the picture are 3 things from the Albero Kawaii hunt, the Mine Mini Tv (Tasty), a cute little panda (from NAMINOKE, this was the “box” for the actual gift!) and a raincloud decal from Cleo. I managed to find some strawberry banana daiquari icecream in my inventory too… yum. This is my banana mania entry in the 52 weeks of colour challenge 😉
Satin shine cocktail dress: DNR
Whirly Cardi in yellow: Nylon Outfitters
Vivian necklace: Donna Flora
Mayur bracelet: Alienbear Gupte
Juicy slingback pumps in banana: Juicy
Emily hair in blueberry: Truth
Gaia skin in gothly: AMD

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