Working out

I wanted a non-mesh outfit for a meeting where I was speaking (you don’t want to think that part of the audience just sees disembodied hands and head waving around) and so I pulled out some old favourites, and added a nice new lace belt and dangly necklace from League (where the key piece of the outfit came from, too i.e. the pretty cardigan). I tried out some exercise machines, but it was soon all too much for me and I collapsed in a heap in the locker rooms. I must say, I think these Zaara jeans are still more attractive than most of the mesh jeans you see around.

longT+inLace (pink): oyakin
Crochet Belt, Vintage Lace Cardigan -Brown, Tassle Necklace, Wanderer -Oak- Bracelet: League
Dolce Vita : Cream end of sleeves: PARADISIS
Zaara : Classic jeans *coffee*: Zaara
Floral Linen Flats: Duh!
Cynthia hair w/Roots – babyblue: Truth
Amare Eyes (Blue): Aphotic Gloom

Railway journey in Nostos Deer
I was overjoyed when I found out that you can tint Lelutka hair – I’d thought it would be no mod, and Lelutka don’t do blue. I had been coveting the Rykiel and Oscar hairs from Lelutka, and this is my first attempt at tinting Oscar in “Blue rinse” (a light grey) into true blueness. You don’t get the same subtle tones as when a good designer makes a colour themselves, but the underlying highlights etc. on the grey hair do come through a bit, and the hair itself has a lot of detail.
I took the first picture on the railway in Nostos Deer, which travels from a mountain station out to the seaside, very atmospheric. I’m also wearing a Libery print dress from Oyakin (in 2 different colours above and below), ruffled top from G. Field, crown by Centopallini and bow necklace (from Jewelry Fair) by Fairy Tail.
Posing in Nostos Deer

Crazy for brick

Another brick colour for the 52 weeks of colour challenge. I started out with the Oyakin sweater (it looked very bricky in the vendor) and some Amacci hair that I just bought, then pulled out the skirt, leggings, undershirt and boots from my inventory. I played around with jewelry that I already had, too, but then I was lured into the Jewelry Fair (see previous post), so I’m showing off some of my foolish purchases.
I love practically anything with peacock feathers, and ended up with 2 sets of peacock feather earrings: the ones I’m wearing and another pair that came with the bracelet (left arm) and a matching necklace. I came across a couple of designers I had forgotten about, like Aliunn, who created the leather bracelet that I’ve got on just above the feather one.
Then I tried out the poses in the Croire booth – they are “Crazy Bag Lady” poses, but when my head blocked out the “bag” it seemed to fit me perfectly.

Simple knit in red: Oyakin
Asian skirt in red: Slow Kitchen
Oriental Leggings: Tee*fy (old hunt gift)
Crochet cover-up in milk (as undershirt): Jane
Soho boots: Maitreya
Augello earrings: Bliensen + MaiTai (Jewelry Fair)
Leather wrap bracelet in red: Aluinn (Jewelry Fair)
Feather bangle: NCParis Designs (Jewelry Fair)
Mosaic necklace: Duh! (not from the jewelry fair, it’s a dollarbie item I think)
Multigem ring: Caroline’s (Jewelry Fair)
Sylvie hair in blue and blue hairbase: Amacci
Pose by Croire
Skin by Tuli & eyes by Miriel, no longer available

As the bracelets don’t show up well in the first picture, I show them below, plus a gatcha bracelet from Earthstones’ booth (the green one, worn together with the red wrapped bracelet). I’ve also included a more detailed picture of the crown and necklace in my last posting: the crown was from Centopalini and the Bow Necklace a free item from Fairy Tail.

There seems quite a lot of variation in what people are blogging as “melon” in the 52 weeks of colour challenge, but I think I’m in the right area with this t-shirt. In case I’m wrong, I put plenty of watermelons in the picture (gifts from a hunt a year or so ago). The tambourine came as a freebie with the Puarangi Designs set, and I only just discovered it in the folder, although I’ve had it for ages. Cute!
I always feel odd with hair that isn’t blue, but when I was trying on the different hair in the “colours” pack of this new Truth Zaria hair, I thought this colour went well with the outfit, so I kept it for the pic. It would help if the colour names were a bit more obvious (actually this is “hotpink”, which is logical, but how are you expected to guess what colour “granny” or “gem” are?)

Long T in pink: Oyakin
Dolce vita bolero in grey: Paradisis
Classic jeans in ash: Zaara
Zaria hair in hotpink streaked with fairyfloss: Truth
Gypsy necklace, earrings, bracelet and tambourine in pinks: Puarangi Designs
Straw button ballets in silver: Duh
Pose by Ribbon

A quick post for the pretty Liberty-print dress from Oyakin, that I got at the Randomuseum event. Liberty’s (of London) is my favoutite shop, though once you’ve been in it for a while anything under £100 starts to look really good value. The detailed Liberty prints are very recognisable. Most of the rest I’m wearing is the same as the last post, except the HMPD bracelet was also a Randomusuem item, the hair is Analog Dog’s Ash and the babouches are by 2g.
By the pool in the greenhouse

I was really sorry to read that Eolande is moving out of SL. I have been buying and enjoying her jewellery ever since I can remember, and this butterfly necklace (gem change) is one of my favourite pieces. Too many good people have left SL, and this makes a couple of my very favourite jewellery designers (her and Miriel) who aren’t around any more.

On a more upbeat note, I also love this denim dress, so it was my first choice for the 52 weeks of colour “denim” week: I have the maxi dress in a couple of shades of denim, and also a shorter version that I wear over leggings or a skirt. Originally it was sold as part of the “To one lounge” market, but now it’s in the Oyakin mainstore. I’m using a picture I have on my wall as a background: the butterflies come out of an emitter, they aren’t part of the painting 😉
Maxi-denim dress in dark: To one lounge (now at Oyakin)
Butterfly charmer necklace and dragonfly earrings: Eolande’s
Butterfly bracelet: Swallowtail
Nica ballerina shoes in cognac: Mimikri
Kalia hair in babyblue: Truth
Skin by Tuli and eyes by Miriel (no longer available)
Picture: “The other side of silence” by Zeppie Innis


Help Japan: Petals
Tulle skirt beige: Chocolate Atelier (Help Japan item)
Denim top: To one Lounge/ Oyakin (Help Japan item)
Zimmy flats: Shiny Things
Amber hair: Milana
Cherry Blossom Petals: Runo Runo (Help Japan item) (you can cover your whole body, this just uses 2 of the petal attachments)
Lace leggings (tinted): G. Field
Picture taken in the Aju home shop.
This is the link to Help Japan slurl.com/secondlife/Chirihama/198/98/22

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