Shiny Things

Butterflies and flowers

A nice spring feeling with a new floral cami from SMS and new jeans from Sn@tch. The butterfly crown is also new, at the Fantasy Fair: there are 2 animated butterflies, that gently flap their wings. The necklace from Yummy isn’t new, but very pretty, with little gold butterflies on a chain.

Christina Floral Jeans: Sn@tch
Inspired Shark Cardigan: Tres Blah
Old Rose Cami Baby Blue: So Many Styles
(eyeshadow) Mix and Match: cheLLe
Butterfly Collector Necklace: (Yummy)
Butterfly Crown: Evie’s Closet
Evelyn hair w/Roots – teal: Truth
Saturday Flats – teal: Shiny Things
Butterfly Bracelet: Swallowtail
Tabi: MiuMin
Linen stole muffler (Light beige): Creamshop (no longer available)
Leah skin – Contessina D: Glam Affair 9at the Gallery Gift Shop)
Amare Eyes (Blue): Aphotic Gloom

Lacey days
Magika has a half price sale. I ended up buying four hairstyles (I loved it that the demos were in my colours for a change) and this one is very cute, with a colour-change beanie and an attractive fringe of hair.
Crocheted Flower Blouse: Nylon Outfitters
Aragon Skirt Red: Fishy Strawberry
Charlottes shoes: Shiny Things
Sheer Tintable Lycra Tights: GLAM (no longer available)
Nail polish: Ibizarre
Double Metal Bracelet: Miriel (no longer available)
A Daisy for you Earrings and necklace: Dark Mouse
Cody hair: Magika
Clarus Eyes (Currant): Aphotic Gloom
Poses by Tea Soup


The 52 weeks of colour challenge this week focuses on Firebrick. I ended up with quite a few things out of my inventory, but new was this really cute owl bag (the lanterns are also on sale in the shop Adjunct (where I took the first picture), using the same owl shape). The back satchel made me think “back to school” so I found this Japanese school role play sim (and spaceport….). I stood up on the school roof looking soulful, like they do in anime when they have problems.

Firebrick "Doshte"
Kimono jacket: Awram Vie
Charlotte shoes: Shiny Things
Dragonfly Ring: EY:NO
Night Owl Box bag: Lucy in Disguise
Danmuji bag (on back): UFO
Karmuka necklace: Zaara
Carina outfit (top only) : Clio
Red cargo pants: A2NZ
Folk Green Drop Earring: Glow
Tasmine hair: Truth
Eyes: Aphotic Gloom; Skin, Tuli, no longer available
Pose: Lazy Places

Jade, elephant
This elephant pose prop from Magnifique (99 Linden and it has 5 poses, and the elephant is just 9 or 10 prims) came just as I was lacking inspiration for how to show off the jade outfit I’d put together. I had something frothier in mind for jade, but when I rediscovered this silk top, I remembered how much I liked it. I also had to wear something more from the soon-to-go Eolande’s, these colour change jade bangles have been one of my staples.
Indian summer tunic in green: Mashooka
Vintage flower skirt in green: Couverture (think it was a group gift)
Longevity jade bangle and earrings: Eolande’s
Fossilised necklace: Dark Mouse
Candy clogs in brown: Shiny Things
Trinity hair in teal: Truth
Skin by Tuli and eyes by Miriel (no longer available)
Pose in the 2nd picture was in the chair, by Melino style

Relaxed in jade

Help Japan: Petals
Tulle skirt beige: Chocolate Atelier (Help Japan item)
Denim top: To one Lounge/ Oyakin (Help Japan item)
Zimmy flats: Shiny Things
Amber hair: Milana
Cherry Blossom Petals: Runo Runo (Help Japan item) (you can cover your whole body, this just uses 2 of the petal attachments)
Lace leggings (tinted): G. Field
Picture taken in the Aju home shop.
This is the link to Help Japan

Conference gear
I thought I would blog my outfit for the Virtual worlds Best Practices in Education conference. I decided on smart casual, and it is a mixture of old favourites (the jacket and jeans) and new things (the shoes and necklace). These new shoes fall firmly into the “I want these in RL” category. I am pictured in the steampunk cafe at the conference (Steampunk is the theme of the 20-sim build). If you like steampunk it is worth a wander round: the cafe is here
Charlottes shoes: Shiny Things
Crimson luxe jeans: Pixeldolls
Tweed jacket with undershirt: DP YumYum
Vivian necklace in onix: Donna Flora (Pacific Crisis Fundraiser item)
Silje hair in blue: Amacci
Nail polish: Ibizarre:
Portfolio mangaka (folder of drawings with pose): Manna
Skin by Tuli and eyes by Miriel (no longer available)

I’m a bit late with my 52 weeks of color challenge post this week, but I actually decided pretty quickly that I wanted to wear this silky red dress. I think it was created to go with vampy high heels, but I thought I would work it into a more “boho early evening dinner” kind of look.
Diabolique dress: Icing
Jacket stripe navy: Awram viie (on dollarbie wall)
Black paisley scarf: Boho Hobo
Silje hair and blue hairbase: Amacci
Color hoop earrings: Zaara
Knotted bead strand, ruby: Shiny Things (possibly my oldest necklace, from the Gnubie Store)
Rose lace tights: G. Field
Diva flats: G. Field
Nail varnish: Ibizarre
Poses: Digital Dragon
Skin by Tuli and eyes by Miriel (no longer available)


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