Casual and cosy
I’ve been a fan of Trill Zapatero’s art and fashion for a while now, and with these new cardigans I feel she has hit her stride with mesh. Her new patchwork cardigans have gorgeous textures (as usual) and a nice scrunchy casual feel to them. I mixed in a couple of items I got at the new round of gatchas at The Arcade as well, notably the comfy fairisle slipper boots. The picture was taken at the entry point to Alirium Gardens, where butterflies swirl round in the darkness.

Patched sweater Cardigan: BoHo HoBo
Filigree Jeans (Black-P): Sn@tch
Fair Isle Wool Mukluks (smoke): *BOOM* (at The Arcade)
ombre nails (greyscale): [croire]
Dipped Feather Necklace Platinum-Black Cord: *League*
My Special Treasures – Home Soil (shorter necklace): PIDIDDLE (at The Arcade)
Kaya Turquoise earing: Zaara
Hair Ayana ~ Blue: Amacci
Roza Unnamed 01 skin: Glam Affair
Pose by Marukin
Miriel Eyes (no longer available)

Butterflies and flowers

A nice spring feeling with a new floral cami from SMS and new jeans from Sn@tch. The butterfly crown is also new, at the Fantasy Fair: there are 2 animated butterflies, that gently flap their wings. The necklace from Yummy isn’t new, but very pretty, with little gold butterflies on a chain.

Christina Floral Jeans: Sn@tch
Inspired Shark Cardigan: Tres Blah
Old Rose Cami Baby Blue: So Many Styles
(eyeshadow) Mix and Match: cheLLe
Butterfly Collector Necklace: (Yummy)
Butterfly Crown: Evie’s Closet
Evelyn hair w/Roots – teal: Truth
Saturday Flats – teal: Shiny Things
Butterfly Bracelet: Swallowtail
Tabi: MiuMin
Linen stole muffler (Light beige): Creamshop (no longer available)
Leah skin – Contessina D: Glam Affair 9at the Gallery Gift Shop)
Amare Eyes (Blue): Aphotic Gloom

A quick post, for a striking boho look.
Mishti tank *aqua*: Zaara
Kuchi skirt: Boho Hobo
Linen Flats: Duh! (they are under there somewhere)
Candy Darling Top (Aqua): Sn@tch
Nail polish – punta ana pink: Ibizarre
IVORY CROSS Earrings and nceklace, Rosa: CentoPallini
Kalia hair flower: Truth
Zaria hair: Truth
Tuli’s Eva skin and eyes by Miriel; no longer available
Taken in Boho Hobo shop

In happy mood shop
A quick post, as I’ve felt happy in this summery outfit. The first picture was taken in the Happy Mood shop and the second set in the remodelled Cupcake sim. After I had done most of the photos I noticed a pretty top by Moho Inc, which I used as an undershirt in the last picture: it has a cute zip.
In Cupcake
Tracy skirt: Skinflicks
Studio wrap: Sn@tch
Slouchy Thread sweater: Surf Couture
A bitch never change necklace: Ticky Tacky
Short Western boots: G. Field
Eva hair: Amacci
Poses in 2nd picture: Doremi

Pink and green