I have always liked AnnaLee Balut’s colourful clothes, and now there are some really nice mesh items coming out in the “Shushu” line (items by her daughter!). This is actually the DEMO version of the “Take it easy” dress, but as you can see it is a fully functioning freebie, and I liked the style immediately. I bought a mesh bag from the same shop and then added some old leggings from Zaara and the mesh booties that I’m liking with lots of outfits. Another freebie (group gift) at the moment is the witchy “stuffed cat” from HPMD: there are also some seasonal pumpkins to pick up, and the cat comes in rez and hold versions as well as this head-top version.
HPMD group gift

Nishar leggings full – high waist *cerulean*: Zaara
ShuShu TAKE IT EASY dress and Perlukan bag: ALB Dreams
Wedge Bootie “Beth”: G Field
ombre nails (orchard): croire
Fleur Necklace – Black/Amethyst and watercolour eyes: Miriel (no longer available)
Rose Wreath Oval .:*D*:. (December)
Rykiel hair (tinted): Lelutka
Circe – Bracelet: Tekeli-li
Halloween Gift 2012 – Stuffed Cat: HPMD
Mia Fairy Tales 2012 04 A skin: Glam Affair


I have been going to Caverna Obscura for fairytale dresses for a few years. The new items have been mesh, and so far a bit to skimpy for me, but I love the wispy colouring and floral decorations on this one. It doesn’t come with the tights, by the way. I made them myself by taking a closeup picture of the dress and uploading to my inventory for 10 Linden, creating a new pair of socks, and then editing the socks to apply the texture. The location was the Vespertine “Pure Dreams” sim.

Fairy in spotless mind cafe

Sundress ~ORCHID~ : Caverna Obscura
Short Lace-Up Boots[V2] -Wisteria: *GF*
Briony hair in granny: TRUTH
Zahra necklace and Earrings – Black Opal/Gold: EarthStones
Flora – Bracelet: Tekeli-li
Small Bloodvine Wilt2 Wings Flexi: Fancy Fairy
Roza skin – Natural – I’m Crazy – Violet: Glam Affair
Amare Eyes (Blue): Aphotic Gloom
Pose by Marukin

Chinoiserie in the lake house
I got quite excited when I saw Gogo’s Bubblegum Weekends challenge, where she asks people to wear nice colours of hair like blue, pink, green and purple. Since I always have blue hair, I must be on a permanent bubblegum weekend (or perhaps I need to switch to blond or brunette for my bubblegum experience?) I’m combining a 52 weeks of colour challenge post with a bubblegum one, hope it works.
I never found the right excuse, before, to buy this dress, but I think it is sort of mahogany colour and it certainly very beautiful, the train is so swishy. I found this Matsumoto Castle/Great Wall of China area by chance, searching for photo locations, and it is lovely.

The poses are by Teasoup.
Chinoiserie gown: Icing
Flora bracelets: Tekeli-li
Kalia hair in babyblue (includes the flower): Truth
Skin by Tuli and eyes & Nouveau earrings by Miriel (no longer available)

Across the lake

Indigo: trade winds

I finally discovered shadows, and although they slow things down a bit, they don’t actually crash me, so I played with them a little bit in this picture. The dress (which I think is indigo…) is called “Tradewinds” so I wanted the idea of a sunny but rather windy beach. I definitely think of indigo as being an inky sort of blue, and I thought of this dress as soon as I saw “indigo”, but I tried to match my hair to the lighter colour swatch that Luna Jubilee gave us (well, sort of). Wikipedia has a range of colours. Actually I also thought of this anime, the title translates to “Bluer than indigo” and the heroine has blue hair, which appears to be both the wikipedia indigo colours.

Indigo: trade winds
Tradewinds dress: Icing
Wool wrap: SySy
Victorian ankle boot in Squid Ink: Juicy
Navy rose lace tights: G. Field
Circe bracelet: Tekeli-Li
Butterfly brooch (from a butterfly hunt): Random Calliope
Orie hair in blue: Zero Style
Nail varnish: Ibizarre
Eva skin by Tuli and eyes by Miriel (no longer available)
In a “What next” beach house, Rosemary in a pot by Aintree Gardens and beach doormat by Origins.
First pose in the “Sakura” balloon, 2nd pose by Lazy Places

52 weeks of colour challenge: Blue
Obviously I had to join in this week’s colour challenge, given the name of my blog (i.e. “Blueness”, because of my hair). I was tempted to use some new Amacci hair, since I rushed over there as soon as I saw they had started doing blue (and at a bargain price). However, i thought I should feature one of my “staple” blue hair designers. My favourites are Kin, W&Y, Truth, Zero Style and Schadenfreude: I feel they put some effort into the blue hair. There are some designers whose blue hair is extremely flat in comparison with the “normal” colours. For Schadenfreude, though, blue IS a normal colour, and there is a whole range of blues.
The look actually started with an old favourite, one of my first “occasionwear” dresses. I carried through the feathery theme with the incredibly detailed boa, also from Schadenfreude. I think this lapis necklace is really beautiful and have featured it at least once before.
52 weeks of colour challenge: Blue
Persephone dress: Callie Cline
Sesen necklace and earrings: Caroline’s
Wrapped boa in Azure: Schadenfreude
Flora bracelet: Tekeli-li
Thom hair: Schadenfreude
Eva skin: Tuli
Eyes by Miriel (no longer available)
Winter Snowflakes: Callie Cline
Pose by Torridwear; Photo of street art in Copenhagen (3rd picture) taken by me in RL in 2006

52 weeks of colour challenge: Blue

On Immersiva

Apart from the skin, this outfit cost a grand total of 11 Linden. The hair was a Truth subscribo gift, the Wizard outfit (including a hat, not shown) was also free in Nicky Ree’s shop, and the staff (metal, gem, fabric and bone handle all colour change) was a whole one Linden. The earrings (spider and non-spider versions) were the most expensive part of the costume! The picture was taken on the fantastic Immersiva sim, featuring the art of Bryn Oh.

On Immersiva

Wizard costume: Nicky Ree
Black Pharaoh’s staff: tekeli-li
Cleo Hair: Truth
Eva skin: Tuli
Bloody ahava earrings: Alienbear Gupte

Pose: Curvature

I love anything with butterflies, and so I headed straight for Tekeli-li when I saw the new Flora set blogged. I just invested in the hair and the bracelets. They have intricate metalwork, with a butterfly and blossoms, all colour change (metals and gems). I show them here with two different looks. In the first one I went for a plain, almost severe setting, using two pieces I had got in Silentsparrow’s 50 Linden sale.
Flora Bracelets and Sapphire hair: Tekeli-li
Jangling jack shirt in dusk: silentsparrow
Koumori suit in twilight: silentsparrow
Fireworks Earrings: EarthStones
Hylda Boot *BlackSnake*: Tesla
Eva (tone 1/bl) 02a skin: Tuli
Eyes by Miriel (no longer available)

Like everyone else I also fell in love with this kimono jacket, and I thought the hair worked with this, as it has a Japanese feel. Mind you, I think that (like with RL kimono jackets) the jacket looks good with dresses, jeans and on its own 😉
Flora Bracelets and Sapphire hair: Tekeli-li
Kimono jacket pink: AWRAM-VIIE
Marisol dress in ruby: Decoy (the creator’s profile says they are rebuilding at the moment)
Jade Longevity earrings: Eolande’s
Wedge Tong sandals in lapis blue: G. Field
Skin and eyes as above; Pictures taken in Salimar

Looking at my clothes
If I had as few clothes as this in my inventory, managing it would be really simple.
Clothes in my closet (a line of pictures of AWRAM-VIIE clothes, a freebie instore) plus a skirt from “Grandma”; wardrobe by Cheap Cheap; Butterfly picture by LISP; Green basket by Secondspaces; Rug from Melino Style; Bed by Lyla’s Eclectic Furniture; Hatbox (on top of wardrobe) is an old Pixeldolls’ purchase box; House by Y’s
Morning coffee
This shows the hair style in more detail
Coffee maker (gives cups of coffee) from TESH GARDENS, steaming red kettle from & tissue box by Kloka, kitchen unit from Bitter Vanilla; House by Y’s