Moss green
I must admit I thought “Oh no not more green” when I saw that moss green was the latest in the 52 weeks of colour challenge. I thought that the dress I wore for the Celadon post seemed pretty close to the swatch, but when I did the usual search in my inventory, I found this very old yukata that was the right colour. I would recommend visiting Giorno Brando’s shop in Havelock, it has a Shinto shrine and is wonderfully peaceful. The yukata isn’t state-of-the-art, but you get it packaged in several different colours for 100 Linden. He sells traditional Japanese objects and buildings, and these are beautifully made.
This hydrangea fan is a favourite, and has a nice fanning animation. I dropped by the shop to see whether it was still there, and you now get it texture change with a free cotton candy, for only 30 Linden.
Green yukata: GiornoBrando
New hydrangea ajisai uchiwa (fan): Demi Demi
Oscar hair (tinted): Lelutka
wa corsage C (in hair): Tomoto
Geisha hairpin: Miriel (no longer available)
Floating lantern: Hanaya
Skin by Tuli (no longer available)

Moss green

I couldn’t get very excited about Khaki, to be honest, but I did spend a while putting this look together from my inventory. We are getting very close now to the end of the 52 weeks of colour challenge!
Avanta crop coat: DE Designs
Chilla sweater: Vanitas Vesture
Checkskirt: Fall Into Decay
Bag: MCH (no longer available)
Twinkle corsage yellow: Tomoto
Shearling boots: Maitreya
Orologio necklace: Centopallini
Tights: Glam (no longer available)
Oscar hair (tinted): Lelutka
Clarus eyes: Aphotic Gloom
Pose by Ribbon

Games mad in apricot
I had lined this dress up as my 52 weeks of colour “apricot post” last week: when I looked at Luna Jubilee’s post I found that she’d chosen this dress too! Still, my take is reasonably different, so I decided not to spend ages chosing something else. I found two hand held “games” with poses, and I decided to take the pictures near my whack-a-mole machine (it works rather like a real whack-a-mole; fun).

Maxi one-piece(apricot): evergreen*
twinkle corsage pink: tomoto (gatcha)
Lace Tops “Lucy” (tinted): G Field
Freesia Hair – Berry Slushie: Raspberry Aristocrat
Vintage Lace Bib Necklace -Cream Ribbon: League
Espadrille flats pink: Duh (free)
Ninpendo DS blue “Dokidoki Memory” and PSP (Playstation) by Maruco Catseye

Sky Blue
Here I am in sky blue (this week’s 52 weeks of colour challenge), in the vast steampunk central auditorium of the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education conference. I’m just moderating a couple of sessions, but I wish I’d put in a paper as it would be awesome to be giving a talk in this place!
Haori rururu: Tomoto
Crimson Luxe jeans: Pixeldolls
Adyan kurta in fuschia (as shirt): Zaara
Lylie hair in smurf: Ploom
Wanderer necklace, earrings and hand coins: League
Little Diva shoes in sky: G.Field
Main pose by Vain
Eva skin by Tuli and eyes by Miriel (no longer available)