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Teal tales

Most of the stuff at the latest colabor88 is mesh, but I was happy to put on this non-mesh outfit from Nylon Outfitters: I could see my proper shape again! I realised after I’d taken the pictures that I don’t showcase a feature of the jacket: the pretty pattern on the back. That pattern is one reason why I chose this hairstyle (so the back wasn’t covered up). The mesh hair from Wasabi Pills has a very cute braid and a beautiful sweep of hair, that leaves one side of the scalp uncovered. They supply a “shaved head” base, but that is my one complaint as you only get it in green in this coloureds pack. In the notecard it says that this should work with all the hair in this pack, but frankly it looked too green. Fortunately this teal hairbase from Truth matched nicely.

Patterned Jeans – Lace and Desert Jean Jacket – Teal: Nylon Outfitters
Wedge Bootie “Beth”: G Field
Neato Sweatshirt (yellow): Tres Blah
Hairbase – teal: Truth
*komorebi*bracelet: R.A.Crystal
Aida Mesh Hair – Aquatic: Wasabi Pills
Butterfly Collector Necklace: (Yummy)
Simplicity: Turquoise (Necklace): Mariposa
Jade Bangles: Eolande’s (no longer available)
Kaya Turquoise bracelet and earring: Zaara
Roza Unnamed 02 skin (group gift): Glam Affair
Eyes by Miriel (no longer available)
Seated pose in the LISP cushion, other picture taken in HY’s cafe

Schadenfreude and G Field

I think there is something a bit Alice-in-Wonderland about this dress from Schadenfreude. It quite rightly got blogged a lot when it came out at colabor88 in muted colours, but it also now available in the usual vibrant Schadenfreude colours in her mainstore. It has a very pretty bow and lacing at the back, but I decided I wanted to do some layering, so this is partly hidden by Tres Blah Tucked Tee (which I’m wearing one size larger than the dress, as they are both mesh). I was going to blog the equally lovely cygnet shoes by Schadenfreude, but then G. Field released some new booties, the Beth wedges, and before I knew it I’d fatpacked…. I like their new rose tights as well.

Schadenfreude and G Field
Wedge Bootie “Beth” and Print tights-Rose Beige-: G. Field
Eala dress: Schadenfreude
Tucked Tee: Tres Blah-
IVORY CROSS Rosa: CentoPallini
Ti’ana Bracelet – Lapis: EarthStones
RYKIEL hair (tinted by me): LeLutka
Mia Fairy Tales skin: Glam Affair
Amare Eyes – Aphotic Gloom

Wenge (for the 52 weeks of colour challenge) was a colour I couldn’t get very excited about. Brown is just not something I go for in SL. I wish I’d had Rudhmellowen’s idea of being a tree which is a lot more fun. In fact I was so ho hum about Wenge that although I took my Wenge pictures last week, I only suddenly today remembered I hadn’t actually blogged them.
However, I did like this outfit in the end, probably because it is pretty wenge-lite. I think that the cardi definitely has wenge in it, and the Tres Blah undershirt is wenge (although you can’t see much of it). Also I detect wenge in the bunny-skull head. I’m a fan of Zeery’s scarves, by the way, they seem to be made for my size of avi.
Next week is mulberry, yipee, I love that colour, no wenging about that.

Cardigan: Nylon outfitters;
Neato Sweatshirt: Tres Blah;
Hair – Rykiel (tinted), Lelutka;
Aragon Skirt, Fishy Strawberry;
Scarf, Zeery;
Boots, LPD;
Lace Tights, G. Field;
Bracelets, League;
Halloween crown, AA;
Skin by Tuli, Bunny skull bag, BP (both no longer available).

To be honest this post in the 52 weeks of colour challenge ended up more teal than anything, but there IS some olive in there. The two tops only show a little under the new Mimikri tunic, but the Neato shirt adds some more olive, and the Novocaine one picks up the apple colour. I actually bought a 15 Linden bowl of olives to use in the shoot, but in the end I pulled out these olive trees (by Botanical) and used them instead. I got several pairs of Hoot’s mini-wings in the Albero gatcha fair, I’m wearing the tourmaline colour in these pictures. The two poses I show front-on are by Olive Juice, of course 😉
Felice tunic in poison: Mimikri
Neato sweatshirt: Tres Blah
Frayed top in eve: Novocaine
Floral wash jeans in teal: Callie Cline
Pia hair in teal: Truth
Hair beads: Earthstones
Skosh boots in teal: Duh
Mini-wings: Hoot
Eyes by Miriel and skin by Tuli no longer available.

This video reminded me of 52 weeks – 3 ordinary-sized women show how they would introduce cobalt blue into their wardrobes in RL .. .

I tried on several pairs of jeans before I settled on this pair that seemed to be close to umber … then I remembered this shirt (which unfortunately doesn’t seem to be available any more, sorry) which I just had to wear as it picked up the blue in the cuffs and the pretty floral motif, plus I think the background is close to umber as well…
The new Milana hair brand does some very nice blue colours, this was the style I liked the most. The second picture (below) doesn’t show the outfit very well, but I thought the new LISP teacup chandelier looked so sweet in my greenhouse that I couldn’t resist posting it.
Kirei shirt: Orchid dreams (no longer available)
Jeans: Lika Ruby
Neato sweatshirt: Tres Blah
Babouches, brown: 2g at Switch location (free in basket outside door)
Amber hair in azure: Milana
Wanderer bracelet and earrings: League
Stone Chip necklace Turquoise: LOGO
Petals in the wind pose: Adorkable poses
Eva skin by Tuli and eyes by Miriel (no longer available)

Petals in my greenhouse


Silver was a lovely choice for this time of year (in the 52 weeks of colour challenge), and I decided to mix practical and glitzy. I haven’t been grabbed by a lot of the recent Maitreya releases, but I love these boots. I realised after I had taken all the pictures that I was so keen to wear them and get posed that I forgot to fiddle with all the lace, strap and buckle change options. Still, keeping them dark means the slush doesn’t stain them. I wanted to feature Mimikri items, and actually ended up more subdued than I thought I would. The leggings are in her discount shop, and a number of other items there are good value. I also wanted to show off some Eolande’s discount items, since I have been a fan of hers ever since I entered SL, and it is good that she is continuing in her new location.

Star sequin pants in silver and Luz shrug in grey: Mimikri (the shrug also has a bow, but I left it off as I didn’t want to distract from the necklace)
Neoto sweatshirt in grey: Tres Blah
Stone Halo necklace and earrings in lapis/silver: Eolande’s
Shearling boots in Smoke: Maitreya Gold (in the right hand corner of the Maitreya Gold shop, I say that since I wasted ages fighting the lag round the main Maitreya shop trying to find them)
Raga oyster ring *paua* in silver: Zaara (only visible in the last picture)
Trinity hair in blueberry: Truth (with Amacci blue tattoo hairbase)
Skin is Eva tone 1 by Tuli (no longer available in the “new” Eva skins; I’m very depressed about how she seems to have stopped doing really pale skins) and “winter” eyes by Miriel (also no longer available).

The first picture is taken at home with an Adorkable poseball and a reindeer by Corbin Coage. The second one was taken in the Drowsy winter market. This final picture was taken at home and also gives you a good view of the boots.
In the winter house

Grey power
I couldn’t resist joining in Luna Jubilee’s great 52 weeks of colour challenge, especially as the first week was grey, and I’d been wanting to blog the grey version of the Nylon Oufitter’s cardi. I was going to use Mimikri’s sequinned “Dana” bloomers, but I couldn’t find quite the right boots, so I was pleased when I discovered these “treggings” (cross between trousers and leggings) in my inventory. In fact, in the end this all came out of my inventory, which tells you how overstuffed it is with things I haven’t even worn…. Of course, I had to stick to blue hair, and I am already committed to next week’s challenge because the colour next week is blue, yay.
Whirly cardi in grey: Nylon Outfitters
Neato sweatshirt in grey: Tres Blah
Linen stole muffler in grey: Creamshop
Courduroy treggings in grey: Fishy Strawberry
Skirt from Medusa outfit (modded to grey): Sugarcube
Glass chunk double bracelet: Shiny Things
Earring no. 130: Kraftika
Fall boots: Kalnins
Elsa hair in blue: Kin
Eva skin: Tuli
Main pose by Lotta

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