New kimono

There are some beautiful kimono and yukata being designed in mesh, and this one is new from Aso! at the Chapter Four event. The pattern is delicate and lovely, in deep indigo and parchment. I photographed it on my own land (where there is a corner of perpetual cherry blossom) and in Gallery Sayopiyo on the Kick sim. This exhibit (which has parts of the “picture” flicking on and off) reminded me of painting on black velvet.
*koyu* Yukata (Flower Tattoo): ASO!
glove nail “Chiyo-gami” Yellow: *pulcino*
Armaghan beehive pendant choker necklace: meena
Zori and Tabi (Japanese socks and shoes, texture change): Sakka’s Studio
Lotus hair Colours04Fade: Truth
Margot skin Petal 05 – Black: Glam Affair (at Collabor88, finishing soon!)
Amare Eyes (Blue): Aphotic Gloom
Pose by Marukin

Gallery sayopiyo on Kick

Teal tales

Most of the stuff at the latest colabor88 is mesh, but I was happy to put on this non-mesh outfit from Nylon Outfitters: I could see my proper shape again! I realised after I’d taken the pictures that I don’t showcase a feature of the jacket: the pretty pattern on the back. That pattern is one reason why I chose this hairstyle (so the back wasn’t covered up). The mesh hair from Wasabi Pills has a very cute braid and a beautiful sweep of hair, that leaves one side of the scalp uncovered. They supply a “shaved head” base, but that is my one complaint as you only get it in green in this coloureds pack. In the notecard it says that this should work with all the hair in this pack, but frankly it looked too green. Fortunately this teal hairbase from Truth matched nicely.

Patterned Jeans – Lace and Desert Jean Jacket – Teal: Nylon Outfitters
Wedge Bootie “Beth”: G Field
Neato Sweatshirt (yellow): Tres Blah
Hairbase – teal: Truth
*komorebi*bracelet: R.A.Crystal
Aida Mesh Hair – Aquatic: Wasabi Pills
Butterfly Collector Necklace: (Yummy)
Simplicity: Turquoise (Necklace): Mariposa
Jade Bangles: Eolande’s (no longer available)
Kaya Turquoise bracelet and earring: Zaara
Roza Unnamed 02 skin (group gift): Glam Affair
Eyes by Miriel (no longer available)
Seated pose in the LISP cushion, other picture taken in HY’s cafe

Anarkali Kameez dress

Although Halloween is well past, I am still drawn to warm autumnal colours. The Anarkali Kameez dress was bought at the Cinema event, and the new boots (by Schadenfreude from the latest Collabor88) seemed to go particularly well (you can have the sides, tongue and toe parts plain or patterned, using a HUD). I’m holding Jennifer, my newest kittycat. I couldn’t decide which hair I liked best with this outfit, so there are pictures of both.

Amargosa Boots: Schadenfreude (November collabor88)
Anarkali Kameez (dress): Bilo
Sara hair w/Roots – smurf: Truth (picture on the left); All my love hair in lapis: Exile (picture on the right)
Boho Ring – Turquoise: Yummy (on left hand, November collabor88)
Johanna Ring – Opal Lapis: EarthStones (on right hand)
Necklace – Tarifa: Maxi Gossamer (November collabor88)
Aphotic Gloom – Amare Eyes (Blue)
Skin by Tuli (no longer available), pose by LAP

Working out

I wanted a non-mesh outfit for a meeting where I was speaking (you don’t want to think that part of the audience just sees disembodied hands and head waving around) and so I pulled out some old favourites, and added a nice new lace belt and dangly necklace from League (where the key piece of the outfit came from, too i.e. the pretty cardigan). I tried out some exercise machines, but it was soon all too much for me and I collapsed in a heap in the locker rooms. I must say, I think these Zaara jeans are still more attractive than most of the mesh jeans you see around.

longT+inLace (pink): oyakin
Crochet Belt, Vintage Lace Cardigan -Brown, Tassle Necklace, Wanderer -Oak- Bracelet: League
Dolce Vita : Cream end of sleeves: PARADISIS
Zaara : Classic jeans *coffee*: Zaara
Floral Linen Flats: Duh!
Cynthia hair w/Roots – babyblue: Truth
Amare Eyes (Blue): Aphotic Gloom


I have been going to Caverna Obscura for fairytale dresses for a few years. The new items have been mesh, and so far a bit to skimpy for me, but I love the wispy colouring and floral decorations on this one. It doesn’t come with the tights, by the way. I made them myself by taking a closeup picture of the dress and uploading to my inventory for 10 Linden, creating a new pair of socks, and then editing the socks to apply the texture. The location was the Vespertine “Pure Dreams” sim.

Fairy in spotless mind cafe

Sundress ~ORCHID~ : Caverna Obscura
Short Lace-Up Boots[V2] -Wisteria: *GF*
Briony hair in granny: TRUTH
Zahra necklace and Earrings – Black Opal/Gold: EarthStones
Flora – Bracelet: Tekeli-li
Small Bloodvine Wilt2 Wings Flexi: Fancy Fairy
Roza skin – Natural – I’m Crazy – Violet: Glam Affair
Amare Eyes (Blue): Aphotic Gloom
Pose by Marukin


Another fluffy floral outfit, with a favourite jacket over a newish dress. The pictures are taken in the new “Patron House” by Eliza Wierwight.

Moyesi dress in Pink: Sascha’s (SAS)
Flower Pumps “Eve”: G. Field
Jacket kimono pink: Awram Viie
ombre nails (sakura): croire
Evelyn hair in babyblue and hair flower from Kalia style: Truth
ROSES necklace: Donna Floira
Short earring pearl: Swallowtail
Roza skin – Natural – I’m Crazy – Blue: Glam Affair
Amare Eyes (Blue): Aphotic Gloom
Pose by Marukin

MiuMin kimono
I only found out about the recent Kimono Festival on the last day (August 1st) but I was glad I had caught it, since there were some lovely kimono and accessories. I bought several kimono (and nabbed some freebies) but here I am again in an outfit by my favourite kimono designer, MiuMin. It includes the geta (shoes), obi, hair flower ornament and also a small bag that I haven’t shown. The material is beautifully filmy and I love the pattern.
After I’d taken the first pictures I bought a couple more hair ornaments and changed my hairstyle to show them off better: this Colette style from Exile works well with hair sticks and combs.
Hair ornaments
Yukata Hana YxB: *MiuMin*
Cynthia hair in teal: Truth (1st pictures) and Colette hair Roots in Lapis: Exile (2nd picture)
Kanzashi01 and Tanabata Kanzashi (hair sticks): BAIKEN
Uchiwa (fan): made by Heart Irata
knzFreeB (hair comb): anz-an
Mia Fairy Tales skin: Glam Affair

Fairy outfit
I visited the Fairy Tales event and bought a new Glam Affair skin, a pose from Label Motion, and a couple of other things I may feature in a future post. There are 4 makeups in the skin pack, all with the pale skin tone I like, and I decided to go with one with dramatic eye liner. However, the real fairy star of these pictures is the outfit that is a hunt prize from Vera Modero in the Midsummer Night’s Dream hunt. It is so floaty and pretty, and it includes the wings.
Fairy Wendy Purple Flower corolla (hair wreath): BCC
Cynthia hair – babyblue: TRUTH
KABUKI EARRINGs and necklace: Mandala
Princess Slippers silver/white: Eolande’s (no longer available)
Fairy outfit: VERO MODERO (in the Midsummer Night’s Dream hunt)
Mia Fairy Tales 2012 skin: Glam Affair
First pose by Label Motion

Fairy relaxes

In Mimikri at theStar festival

I have always been a fan of Mimikri, and I think this mesh dress, Linette, fits very nicely. The top is not mesh, so I don’t have to change my shape, and there are two separate parts to the flouncy skirt which means it works quite well when you are sitting down. The pictures were taken in the teahouse at the Star Festival 111, 169, 1104

In Mimikri at theStar festival
Linette dress in blossom: Mimikri
day dream ballet shoes: ::{u.f.o}::
Dolce Vita shrug in Brown: PARADISIS
Classic jeans *coffee*: Zaara
Cynthia hair in teal: Truth
Johanna Ring – Opal Lapis: EarthStones
Leah – Contessina skin: Glam Affair

Spring outfit

I love this delicate lacey top from Barerose; it’s one of their new Mesh items and as usual you get excellent value with three pastel colours in the pack. It comes with lace-edged leggings, but I paired it with a favourite maxi dress from G. Field and added some more romantic G.Field accessrories, the gloves and hair rose and some adorable flats from UFO (at the latest collabor88); see the picture below. This fluffy updo from Truth seemed to fit the mood perfectly and the jewellery is from the “70% off” wall at Donna Flora.
Rose Lace Gloves in white with rose ring; Hair rose and Maxi skirt (baby pink/flower): G. Field
Chikae Pink: Barerose
ROSES necklace and Viola earrings: Donna Flora
day dream ballet shose – floral: {u.f.o}
Enisa hair in babyblue: Truth
Leah skin – Contessina D: Glam Affair
Amare Eyes (Blue): Aphotic Gloom
Poses by Luth

Floral hands and feet

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