The starting point for this look was the hair, the new 124 style from W&Y which comes with a colour-change straw boater. There seemed to be something rather 19th century about it – a day at the races, or boating down the Thames, so I went for a maxi skirt from Sn@tch and a laced bodice (the new Daisy top from SF Design). Daisies reminded me of this Dark Mouse necklace, and I bought the cocktail ring to go with it. The ring came with bangles, but I thought that you could have too many daisies, so I went with a plainer bangle from Eolande.
The Nightmare skirt has attachments for the legs, which are very useful for swooshing about and sitting down, but I wanted to leave a peek of the boots showing, so I just put on the main sculpted skirt.
My favourite skin is Tuli’s Elizabeth, so of course I had to try out Eva, and explore Tuli’s remodelled Journey sim (where these pictures were taken).

Daisy purple top: SF Designs
Nightmare Skirt: Sn@tch
Retro Daisies Necklace and cocktail ring: Dark Mouse
Jade Bangle (gunmetal): Eolande
Hair no. 124 (blue): W&Y
Eva skin (tone 1): Tuli
Fall boots: Kalnin
Nail polish: Ibizarre
Indigo eyes: Miriel (no longer available)