It’s still pretty cold where I am, so I made a “sensible” take on spring: some flowers, no jacket, but covered up to keep out the chill. One of the lovely things about this skirt is how flippy it is as you move, and in the first picture you can see the pretty broderie anglaise edging to the skirt as well. My only criticism is that the belt is no mod, and it was impossible to get it positioned so it didn’t cut into my waist at some point. I’m using a dance pole in Juicy, with hair from Simply Britnee.
I also liked the outfit with the recent Marguerite hair from Truth, since the hair flower picked up the motif from the Ulla shirt, so I have shown both hairstyles.
Ulla shirt: Ivalde
Bolero skirt in noirbleu: A la Folie
Pearls dark necklace: G.Field (was a group gift but they have colour-change pearl necklaces for sale)
Aidan Bangles: Genesis
Rose lace tights in navy: G.Field
Lombardi Booties blue: INDI
Marguerite hair in blueberry (hair with colour-change flower): Truth
Calientona hair in venus: Simply Britnee
Eva skin: Tuli
Indigo eyes by Miriel (no longer available)
Dance animations by Sine Wave, pose by LAP

Pink blouse for anti-bullying day
Finally, on anti-bullying day, I added this pink frilly “A Lady’s Blouse” from Twosome and Maya bracelets from (luc).

The starting point for this look was the hair, the new 124 style from W&Y which comes with a colour-change straw boater. There seemed to be something rather 19th century about it – a day at the races, or boating down the Thames, so I went for a maxi skirt from Sn@tch and a laced bodice (the new Daisy top from SF Design). Daisies reminded me of this Dark Mouse necklace, and I bought the cocktail ring to go with it. The ring came with bangles, but I thought that you could have too many daisies, so I went with a plainer bangle from Eolande.
The Nightmare skirt has attachments for the legs, which are very useful for swooshing about and sitting down, but I wanted to leave a peek of the boots showing, so I just put on the main sculpted skirt.
My favourite skin is Tuli’s Elizabeth, so of course I had to try out Eva, and explore Tuli’s remodelled Journey sim (where these pictures were taken).

Daisy purple top: SF Designs
Nightmare Skirt: Sn@tch
Retro Daisies Necklace and cocktail ring: Dark Mouse
Jade Bangle (gunmetal): Eolande
Hair no. 124 (blue): W&Y
Eva skin (tone 1): Tuli
Fall boots: Kalnin
Nail polish: Ibizarre
Indigo eyes: Miriel (no longer available)