14-10-14 zaara dress 3

I’m a bit late in blogging this Zaara lehenga from the mystic realms fair but it is still gorgeous… it moves well, but I’m feeling it’s lazy Sunday, so I’ve just stretched out in a convenient hammock in all my Zaara finery.

Chandi lehenga, Janya jeweled sandals, Mishti tank, Vyomini chained bracelet and Raga ring: Zaara
Leather Bracelet-cross(redxgold): ASO!
Crystalline Rings Set – Bokeh
Dragonfly Ring-Irridescent Silver- Eclectica
Leather Wrap Bracelet-Red: Shattered
Neva hair: [Entwined]
Slink Female Feet – Flat
Sia skin – Pearl: Glam Affair -
– Amare Eyes (Blue): Aphotic Gloom

30-09-14 tulip smaller

I was sad to see that Tulip is closing down (on October 10): even more so when I visited the store (where everything is 50% off) and realised that I’d only swooped in before to grab hair, and in fact the clothes were very nice too.

A favourite look of mine is a floaty boho skirt with a more rugged jumper or jacket, so I snapped up the fatpack of these skirts (each of which has a semi-transparent and an opaque version) and the warm practical jumper.

Twilight Maxi Skirt and V-Neck Sweater: Tulip
Explorer Sandals: Ingenue ::
Rose Lace Tights: G Field
Cora Earrings and Necklace: RealEvil
Please hair: Magika
Slink Female Feet Flat
Skye skin- Pearl: Glam Affair
Picture taken on the Zaara sim

17-09-14 princess head

This dress by Senzafine immediately caught my eye in the We love Roleplay lineup. There are a lot of mediaeval princess type gowns around now, but this one is very nicely textured. Apart from anything else, it has a good neckline to show off one of my Jewelery Fair acquisitions, this necklace, which was reasonably priced and has a HUD to change all the metals and jewels. I also visited the Arcade and was lucky enough to get a Pearl version of the Glam Affair skin on my 2nd go. I do wish she would make pearl one of the regular colours for lovers of pale skin like me.
“Aravereth” Gown: Senzafine (at we love roleplay)
Skye (skin) – Pearl: -Glam Affair – (the Arcade)
Cora Earrings and necklace: Realevil Industries (Jewelery Fair)
Butterfly Crown: Evie’s Closet
Vintage Blue Leather Slippers: Junbug
Butterfly Ring (Light Gold): =Zenith=
Dragonfly Ring-Irridescent Silver: Eclectica
[Hair] Please: Magika
Slink Female Feet
Amare Eyes (Blue): Aphotic Gloom
Pose by Marukin

17-09-14 composite

28-08-14 freya colours

Truth has just revamped his pastel coloured hair. This means that between the Colours pack (see selection above) and the Pastels pack (see selection below) there are now some gorgeous blues, and blues with highlights and depth, not just a blanket of colour. This is welcome, as it’s been up and down as regards blue Truth hair: there was a good range when he introduced baby blue, some time back, and then a real low point in the early days of Mesh, when my favourite Truth blues disappeared. He is definitely at a high point now, blueness-wise BUT – it is a real pain that I have to buy TWO packs (pastels and colours) to get the full blue spectrum. People who like blonde hair, or brunette hair, or red hair get their own packs, so why not blue. I’m blue haired, not green or pink or purple haired, so those non-blue hairs in the packs are just a waste !

Anyway, I also love this particular hair style, Freya, just released. The plaiting and fronds are so cute (have you noticed the little frond of hair sticking up from the band at the end of the plait? Adorable). I’m also wearing the Zaara Sana Chintz jacket and *Star Kindler* Jellyfish earrings.

28-08-14 freya pastels

23-07-14 birdy on my hair

Everyone’s been blogging this whimsical hair, but it’s so pretty I couldn’t resist it. It was one of two looks that I made with Junbug’s Debutante dress: Junbug makes such soft satiny long gowns, and this one is particularly luscious, with a chiffon layer. I found that one of Lika Ruby’s shawls matched it perfectly.

17-07-14 princess dress 1

Flower Eyeshadows – aqua: KoKoLoReS
Newreem hair [w/Tweeter]: !Ohmai (Hair Fair)
LEGACY earrings and necklace in Oasis: [MANDALA] (collabor88)
(Second Picture) hair 42 by Analog Dog and crown by ISON (both Hair Fair) and necklace by Meena
The Debutante dress[Sky]: {Junbug}* (Kustom9)
shawl-A(aqua)01-gold: Lika Ruby
Butterfly Ring (Light Gold): =Zenith=
Crystalline Ring ‘Copper': Bokeh
Dragonfly Ring-Irridescent Silver: Eclectica
Raga oyster ring *paua* and Janya sandals: Zaara :

Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) – Flat
Glam Affair – Lucy skin – Snow – 02 A
Aphotic Gloom – Amare Eyes (Blue-Brown)

24-06-14 summer yukata

Summer is the time for gliding round in a fresh cotton yukata with a few well-chosen accessories. I’m wearing a lovely new yukata from !1mm and the pretty new braided hair from Magika. The yukata comes with Slink flat feet geta, but instead I put on some strappy flat sandals I picked up in a Fifty Linden Friday deal – they show off the exquisite toenail polish (picture after the cut). The location is Gion Hanamachi
yukata2014 tama black: !1mm***
JULIA necklace and earrings Emerald: Donna Flora
Butterfly Ring (Light Gold): =Zenith=
Dragonfly Ring-Irridescent Silver: Eclectica
[Hair] Meadow: Magika
Deea Sandals: Pure Poison
Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance)- Flat
Slink nail applier *Iroha*: Chocolat Atelier C.A. (at The Gallery Gift Shop)
Fan Handbag: [[ Masoom]]
Lucy – Snow – skin: Glam Affair (no longer available)
Brow mid blue: RUBY FLOWER
Amare Eyes (Blue): Aphotic Gloom

24-06-14 composite yukata

14-06-14 casual cool

The theme this month at collabor88 is seaside, but where I am summer isn’t yet hot hot hot, so I’ve thrown on a big cotton sweater (from a previous collabor88).

Nautical Maxi Skirt: Nylon Outfitters (collabor88)
loose fit zipper sweater: ::{u.f.o}::
Isis shirt *white*: Zaara
cross strap sandals: (Milk Motion) (at collabor88)
glove nail: *pulcino*
PANDA earrings and necklace: Donna Flora
HAIR Oceana: TRUTH (collabor88)
Slink Female Feet (flat)
Lucy skin – Snow : Glam Affair (past event)
Amare Eyes (Blue): Aphotic Gloom


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