July 2010

These trousers by Mimikri are the business: I’ve shown them here with their flares, but you also get regular cuffs, and they will work with several types of outfit, floaty or more fitted like this. I mixed in a couple of monochrome pieces from two Ibizarre sets, and kept on my Mishti top for a spash of colour.
I also couldn’t resist this bookshelf prop from Hopscotch. It adds to the decor even without the poses (it’s colour change, though for these photos I kept it in the original white).
Jacket (from Ornaments and beads outfit) and retro scarf (from Retro Tunika set): Ibizarre
Nova pants in black: Mimikri
Mishti tank in sky: Zaara
Ash hair in blue: Analog Dog
Tortoiseshell bracelet: Eclectica
Glazed heart necklace: Eolande’s
Flutter-by hair corsage: AtomicBambi
MIKI-(Winter-wedge130) shoes: HAYSURIZA
Bookshelf with poses: Hopscotch
Eva skin by Tuli and eyes by Miriel


Utopia 3 glow
Everyone blogged this caftan when it came out, but I’ve only just got round to trying it on. It flows beautifully (as shown in the pictures of me doing Tai Chi, below) and I love these beads wiith it, they pick out the colours nicely. The first picture was taken in the Utopia 3 sim: it doesn’t show the colour of the outfit, but it seemed to fit the mood of it (I didn’t alter the picture’s colour, that was the orange glow of the setting).
Breeze Kaftan (Royal): Swansong
Mishti tank in sky: Zaara
Ishaya velour slacks (tinted): Zaara
rama’s Ashley necklace and bracelet in blue: RC Crystal
Hair Corsage – Flutter-By (Sky): AtomicBambi
Hair: in first picture it is Exile’s Leslie in Breeze, and in the second pictures it is Simply Britnee’s Que 2.0 in Venus
Troya Slides – Deep Sea: EarthStones
Elizabeh skin by Tuli and eyes by Miriel

Tai chi in Noyo

Roses roses all the way
This feels very summery, and very pink …. it was taken in the rose garden by G Field’s shop in Yabu (you can buy the giant rose bush with poses)
Mirage Dress (Blossom): SWANSONG
Crochet Lacey Wrap (tinted): Nylon Outfitters
Natural Blue Bracelet: Caroline’s
Butterfly Charmer v2 Long Necklace: Eolande’s
Butterfly Hair Corsage – Flutter-By (Sky): AtomicBambi
Leslie hair in blizzard: Exile
Ribbon Slingback Shoes -salmon: G Field
Rose Lace Tights -pink: G Field
Elizabeth skin by Tuli and eyes by Miriel: no longer available

Roses roses all the way

Windsurfing in Bora BoraThe new swimwear from G.Field put me in a happy holiday mood. I’m wearing mens shorts and the women’s bikini top, just seen under kimono jacket. A happy coincidence was the pretty Hump Day items from Puarangi Designs, the whole pink Gypsy whole set (I’m just wearing an anklet and a bracelet, and the earrings, though you can’t really see them under my hair), and a set of hair flowers (I’m also wearing a second hair flower, from Feather). I fished out some old G.Field shoes that seemed to match nicely, and were surprisingly practical for windsurfing in the Bora Bora sim ….
hair_cosaju: Feather
Hair Lily – Pink Centerburst: Puarangi Designs
Floral Bikini Top and swim trunks (pants only) -pink: G.Field
Kimono jacket pink: AWRAM-VIIE
Strap Sandal “Floria” -Pink Tulip: G.Field
Gypsy Anklet and bracelet – Pinks: Puarangi Designs
Twinkle Toast – Lilac dreams: Clawtooth
Tuli’s Elizabeth skin and eyes by Miriel (no longer available)

I love anything with butterflies, and so I headed straight for Tekeli-li when I saw the new Flora set blogged. I just invested in the hair and the bracelets. They have intricate metalwork, with a butterfly and blossoms, all colour change (metals and gems). I show them here with two different looks. In the first one I went for a plain, almost severe setting, using two pieces I had got in Silentsparrow’s 50 Linden sale.
Flora Bracelets and Sapphire hair: Tekeli-li
Jangling jack shirt in dusk: silentsparrow
Koumori suit in twilight: silentsparrow
Fireworks Earrings: EarthStones
Hylda Boot *BlackSnake*: Tesla
Eva (tone 1/bl) 02a skin: Tuli
Eyes by Miriel (no longer available)

Like everyone else I also fell in love with this kimono jacket, and I thought the hair worked with this, as it has a Japanese feel. Mind you, I think that (like with RL kimono jackets) the jacket looks good with dresses, jeans and on its own 😉
Flora Bracelets and Sapphire hair: Tekeli-li
Kimono jacket pink: AWRAM-VIIE
Marisol dress in ruby: Decoy (the creator’s profile says they are rebuilding at the moment)
Jade Longevity earrings: Eolande’s
Wedge Tong sandals in lapis blue: G. Field
Skin and eyes as above; Pictures taken in Salimar

Looking at my clothes
If I had as few clothes as this in my inventory, managing it would be really simple.
Clothes in my closet (a line of pictures of AWRAM-VIIE clothes, a freebie instore) plus a skirt from “Grandma”; wardrobe by Cheap Cheap; Butterfly picture by LISP; Green basket by Secondspaces; Rug from Melino Style; Bed by Lyla’s Eclectic Furniture; Hatbox (on top of wardrobe) is an old Pixeldolls’ purchase box; House by Y’s
Morning coffee
This shows the hair style in more detail
Coffee maker (gives cups of coffee) from TESH GARDENS, steaming red kettle from & tissue box by Kloka, kitchen unit from Bitter Vanilla; House by Y’s

Blue black white
I already had on the firework necklace and earring set from Earthstones (they fizz like sparklers, but not in a blingy way, I think) and the new boots from Schadenfreude when I saw the gatcha dress (only 13 Linden) from Blue Blood. It seemed made for the shiny boots and I enjoyed posing in the moonboat at Black Bacchanal (you can buy that, too).
Vintage dress in blue: Blue Blood (gatcha item at Black Bacchanal)
Li hair in blue: Kin
BOLERO black jacket by AnaLee Balut
Le Reveur Bracelet, part of set: Ticky Tacky (at Black Bacchanal)
Glass bangle small * blue: Yak and Yeti
Midnight Riga Kicks: Schadenfreude
Fireworks Earrings and necklace – White Light: EarthStones
Eva skin: Tuli; Eyes by Miriel (no longer available)
Taken in Black Bacchanal

Blue black white

Hanging in Rustica
I was exploring the Rustica sim and found myself hanging by my manicured fingernails above the foaming ocean. Fortunately I remembered in time that I could fly.
This is wonderful boho summer hair (the colour-change circlet comes with it) and I think the Ticky Tacky necklace has a similar feel to the circlet. My sundress is probably prettiest in its orginal cream colour, but I tinted it to pick up the pink touches in my G Field boots. The dress is just the right length to show off the boots.
HAIR New 141 (“Type”D, blue): W&Y
Short Western Boots -turquoise: G. Field
Bellini Pearl Bracelet: Caroline’s Jewelry
A Bitch Never Change Necklace – Pink: Ticky Tacky
Anjuna shirt in blue: Zaara
Ishaya velour slacks (tinted): Zaara
Summer romance vintage sundress (tinted): salt
Eva (tone 1/bl) 02a skin: Tuli
Nail polish – pale fuchsia: Ibizarre

Rose tinted