Teal tales

Most of the stuff at the latest colabor88 is mesh, but I was happy to put on this non-mesh outfit from Nylon Outfitters: I could see my proper shape again! I realised after I’d taken the pictures that I don’t showcase a feature of the jacket: the pretty pattern on the back. That pattern is one reason why I chose this hairstyle (so the back wasn’t covered up). The mesh hair from Wasabi Pills has a very cute braid and a beautiful sweep of hair, that leaves one side of the scalp uncovered. They supply a “shaved head” base, but that is my one complaint as you only get it in green in this coloureds pack. In the notecard it says that this should work with all the hair in this pack, but frankly it looked too green. Fortunately this teal hairbase from Truth matched nicely.

Patterned Jeans – Lace and Desert Jean Jacket – Teal: Nylon Outfitters
Wedge Bootie “Beth”: G Field
Neato Sweatshirt (yellow): Tres Blah
Hairbase – teal: Truth
*komorebi*bracelet: R.A.Crystal
Aida Mesh Hair – Aquatic: Wasabi Pills
Butterfly Collector Necklace: (Yummy)
Simplicity: Turquoise (Necklace): Mariposa
Jade Bangles: Eolande’s (no longer available)
Kaya Turquoise bracelet and earring: Zaara
Roza Unnamed 02 skin (group gift): Glam Affair
Eyes by Miriel (no longer available)
Seated pose in the LISP cushion, other picture taken in HY’s cafe

I have always liked AnnaLee Balut’s colourful clothes, and now there are some really nice mesh items coming out in the “Shushu” line (items by her daughter!). This is actually the DEMO version of the “Take it easy” dress, but as you can see it is a fully functioning freebie, and I liked the style immediately. I bought a mesh bag from the same shop and then added some old leggings from Zaara and the mesh booties that I’m liking with lots of outfits. Another freebie (group gift) at the moment is the witchy “stuffed cat” from HPMD: there are also some seasonal pumpkins to pick up, and the cat comes in rez and hold versions as well as this head-top version.
HPMD group gift

Nishar leggings full – high waist *cerulean*: Zaara
ShuShu TAKE IT EASY dress and Perlukan bag: ALB Dreams
Wedge Bootie “Beth”: G Field
ombre nails (orchard): croire
Fleur Necklace – Black/Amethyst and watercolour eyes: Miriel (no longer available)
Rose Wreath Oval .:*D*:. (December)
Rykiel hair (tinted): Lelutka
Circe – Bracelet: Tekeli-li
Halloween Gift 2012 – Stuffed Cat: HPMD
Mia Fairy Tales 2012 04 A skin: Glam Affair

Working out

I wanted a non-mesh outfit for a meeting where I was speaking (you don’t want to think that part of the audience just sees disembodied hands and head waving around) and so I pulled out some old favourites, and added a nice new lace belt and dangly necklace from League (where the key piece of the outfit came from, too i.e. the pretty cardigan). I tried out some exercise machines, but it was soon all too much for me and I collapsed in a heap in the locker rooms. I must say, I think these Zaara jeans are still more attractive than most of the mesh jeans you see around.

longT+inLace (pink): oyakin
Crochet Belt, Vintage Lace Cardigan -Brown, Tassle Necklace, Wanderer -Oak- Bracelet: League
Dolce Vita : Cream end of sleeves: PARADISIS
Zaara : Classic jeans *coffee*: Zaara
Floral Linen Flats: Duh!
Cynthia hair w/Roots – babyblue: Truth
Amare Eyes (Blue): Aphotic Gloom

Sad and tired
This t-shirt isn’t the most elegantly made, but I couldn’t resist the slogan “People always tell me I look sad and tired. I know I look sad and tired. I am sad and tired”. I faded the colours out in that photo (though that doesn’t make any difference to the t-shirt), you can see the hair colour better in the picture below (without the t-shirt) taken in the shop Little Hopper, trying out the cute poses in a table.
Boyfriend shirt: at collabor88
Classic jeans *coffee* and Ilaida Mojri shoes: Zaara
Dolce Vita shrug: PARADISIS
Yara V1 hair: CaTwA
Wanderer -Oak- Necklace -1 Disc: *League*
Johanna Ring – Opal Lapis: EarthStones at collabor88
Folk Green Drop Earrings: [glow]
Skin by Tuli and eyes by Miriel: no longer available

In little hopper

Kitty and mesh

I’m being very cautious with mesh clothes, because I go to meetings where I know that quite a few people don’t have browsers that render mesh properly. I’ve already had one experience (wearing this very outfit) where someone’s video of the event has me with a bald hairbase and part of my top half missing. I’m really looking forward to a time when I can wear mesh with more confidence, though, because items like this sweater are really great to wear, and it was SO nice having a long plait that moved with me, rather than sticking in me. I took this picture in a shop that had a cute devil-kitty wandering round to pet.
Classic Jeans *ash*: Zaara
Flat Shoes “Little Diva”: G. Field
Nail polish – golden: Ibizarre
vneck sweater: Jane (mesh)
Hairbase Blue: W&Y
Abbey hair: Elikatera (mesh)
No longer available: Tuli’s Eva skin and Miriel eyes.

Spring outfit
I have only dipped into the Festival of Sin, but I did pick up this blouse from new-to-me shop Happy.
Empress top (Sky): Happy (at the Festival of Sin event; in the “Vanity” section)
Classic Jeans *ash*: Zaara
Nail polish – golden: Ibizarre
Lace Tops “Lucy”: G.Field (tinted)
Fareiba crescent pendant and Afghan Kuchi earrings: Meena
Khloe Hair – Berry Slushie: Raspberry Aristocrat

Drifting off
I visited the Back to Black event (which is raining awareness of mental health issues). One of things I picked up was this lovely set in lapis – necklace, bangle and earrings. Most of the other things I’m wearing are comfy old favourites. I did revisit Raw House for my hair, though, I’d forgotten they did a nice selection of blues.
Classic Jeans *ash* & Mishti tank in lemon: Zaara
Flat Shoes “Little Diva”: G Field
Whirly Cardi – Grey: Nylon Outfitters
Nail polish – golden: Ibizarre
Earrings, necklace and bracelet. Lapis & beads: Elemental! (Back to Black)
Kiki hair [Cold 08]: Raw House
Tuli’s Eva skin and Miriel’s indigo eyes (no longer available)
Chair by Y’s House; plus my KittyCat Stone

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