April 2011

A bit late with periwinkle in the 52 weeks of colour challenge – the fan on my laptop died last week and I haven’t been able to get to a computer that had good graphics for SL til now ;-((
The only good thing is that I was able to use these 60Linden Saturday slippers. The crown and slippers are in honour of the royal wedding yesterday 😉
Comme des fleurs dress: Baiastice
Twinkle Toast hair in Lilac dreams: Clawtooth
Zayba cross flowers top *sky*: Zaara
Lace Details Sweater: Fishy strawberrey
Princess Slipper L – silver/white: Eolande’s
Eyes and Fairy Tale Crown by Miriel (no longer available) and Eva skin by Tuli

Aubergene/ eggplant
This week’s 52 weeks of colour colour is “eggplant”, or aubergine as we call it over here in the UK. I think I might be a bit brownish for aubergene (more like maroon), but to make up, I am tending some 40 Linden copiable aubergene plants.
In fact I found I ended up in West Ham colours of maroon and sky blue (I’m not a football fan myself, but that was the team my father supported).
Pacifica knee-length skirt: Elymode
Mishti tank in sky: Zaara
Vintage cardi: Rach Snookums (no longer inworld)
Russet drop earrings: Caroline’s
Oda para una mariposa (brooch): Random Calliope
Flower pumps “eve” in winter sky and rose bracelet: G. Field
Amarantine tights: CKS Designs
Nail polish: Ibizarre
Trinity hair in smurf: Truth

On the phone
Two pretty new items (the Tiffany top and special colour Aragon skirt) gave me an excuse to haul out the old favourite shoes, top and hair. The black opals went beautifully with the top, but I’ve a feeling they were an Earthstones special and might not be around now.
I didn’t go to much of the pose fair, but I couldn’t resist this phone box – mind you, from what I remember the box would be a lot grubbier and smellier than this one looks (not so many of this old type of phone box around now).
Tiffany Top: Zenith (@ The Fashion Garret)
Slouchy thread sweater in violet: Surf Couture
Aragon skirt in lilac: Fishy Strawberry (@ The Dressing Room)
Zahra black opal earrings and necklace: Earthstones
Little diva shoes: G. Field
Ash hair in blue: Analog Dog
Telephone box with poses: What Next
Skin by tuli and eyes by Miriel (no longer available)


Two suggestive fruit & veg in a row in the 52 weeks of colour challenge! Last week the banana, and this week asparagus. I couldn’t resist buying some full perms asparagus and some full perms poses and putting them together to form this asparagus chair with 2 poses (one in the mushroom and one in the tomato), though I decided to avoid actual suggestive poses… Also my building skills are not that great, and the poses are only priority 3 so I had to turn off my AO to pose. However, if anyone wants a copy of this amateur effort, there is one here for zero Linden (transfer only): http://slurl.com/secondlife/Juicy/178/111/24/. That is my shop on the remodelled Juicy, to be honest I have never made much/any money from my pictures, but Juicy is a cute place to be.
Sculpty veg design by Elizabeth Firehawk (nicely made, the asparagus looks pretty good even stretched to this giant size, I think, I got the set on SL marketplace), poses by Anja Edwardstone. Asparagus fern in pot by Herb Abrahams. Sadly, the male avi in the 2nd pic is one of my alts.
Slouchy thread top in green: Surf Couture
Flowerbolero green: Feather
Tibetian Tapestry pants: Sari’s
Little diva shoes: G. Field
Shea hair: Analog Dog.
Kitty cyrus bracelets and earrings: Alienbear Gupte (FUR Japan appeal)
Jupiter necklace: Swallowtail
Eva skin by Tuli and eyes by Miriel: no longer available


The vintage bananaphone is the star in this picture. My friend Nigl got it stuck about 3 years ago on top of the library and now it’s a sort of landmark. Also in the picture are 3 things from the Albero Kawaii hunt, the Mine Mini Tv (Tasty), a cute little panda (from NAMINOKE, this was the “box” for the actual gift!) and a raincloud decal from Cleo. I managed to find some strawberry banana daiquari icecream in my inventory too… yum. This is my banana mania entry in the 52 weeks of colour challenge 😉
Satin shine cocktail dress: DNR
Whirly Cardi in yellow: Nylon Outfitters
Vivian necklace: Donna Flora
Mayur bracelet: Alienbear Gupte
Juicy slingback pumps in banana: Juicy
Emily hair in blueberry: Truth
Gaia skin in gothly: AMD