December 2010

Merry Christmas

It’s green in the 52 weeks of colour challenge, and this is my festive attempt! Merry Christmas!
Here is Luna Jubilee’s green post:

Romany Kiss dress in forest: Evie’s Closet (old group gift)
Festive Geri hair in teal: Truth (group gift last year)
Fur stole from Holiday Party outfit: Icing
Nail varnish: Ibizarre
Glazed heart earrings: Eolande’s
White Dragon bracelet: Ticky Tacky
Eva skin from Tuli, eyes by Miriel (no longer available) and Caribou (with poses) by Baffle.

As soon as I saw “Cerise” was the next colour in the “52 weeks” challenge, I thought of one of my favourite ever dresses, this “Elizabeth” dress from Last Call. I don’t usually feature pictures of my bottom (see 2nd picture), but the satin texture of this is perfect and the skirt also hangs just right, beautifully designed with just a few prims. The shrug I am wearing was the only thing in my inventory which I found when I searched on Cerise. After a lot of trying-on, I settled on this shell jewelry set from (luc) as it had just the right mixture of colours. To begin with I was wearing a smooth updo, but this rougher hair looked more “me”.
Thanks again to Luna Jubilee for starting the challenge, here is her Cerise post.
Elizabeth dress in orchid: Last Call (no longer available)
Sparkle shrug in cerise: Adam n’Eve
Kamoana Shell earrings, bracelets and necklace: (luc)
Tomi hair in blue: Kin
Nana shoes in purple: Enkythings
Eva skin: Tuli
Birdhouse by Baffle (hunt item)


Merry Christmas
Once I’d done the Yellow post I quickly climbed back into my comfort zone of purple and blue, but still in the warm patchwork dress from Anunue.
Patchwork knit Tunic-PURPLE Patchwork Ribbon boots (pink): anuenue
Nail polish – dark violett: Ibizarre
Hair Ash in blue : Analog Dog
Slouchy thread sweater in violet: Surf Couture
Ashley necklace and bangle: rama
knit_tights_navyblue_socks: petit ange
Eva (tone 1/bl) 02a: Tuli
Christmas tree (carried): AM Radio

Does this count as yellow?
I’m not sure this counts as yellow: I started with good intentions, but a lot of green crept in (not normally a colour I wear, it tends to clash with my hair). This patchwork dress came out last year but I still think it’s great, and the colours tone nicely with the (luc) set. They all have distinct patches of yellow, honest…¬† Undoubtedly yellow is the Swirly Cardigan. However, I’m afraid it degenerates into dark green as far as the rest of the clothes go.

The snowmen look pretty happy about it, though.

This is week¬† 6 of Luna Jubilee’s 52 weeks of colour challenge and here is her yellow “starter post!

Patchwork knit Tunic-GREEN Patchwork Ribbon boots (secret colour): anuenue
Nail polish – golden: Ibizarre
Hair Lena ~ Blue: Amacci
Whirly Cardi – Yellow: Nylon Outfitters
Drew long sleeve avocado: Jane
Vintage Green Ducks Bangle, necklace and earrings Gold: (luc)
Jade Bangles R, color change: Eolande’s
Rose Lace Tights -green: G. Field
Eva (tone 1/bl) 02a: Tuli
Pictures taken in Baffle, poses in snowman

Sepia tones
There is a bit of tinting in this photo in terms of the clothes (wrap and skirt), but I didn’t adjust the colour of anything in Photoshop: the trees really were that colour. I took the picture in the Zigana sim, which is really pretty in the snow. I went for a softer, romantic feel and, altogether, I liked the sepia look more than I thought I would. I don’t much like prim belts, but this one of Eolande’s is beautifully made, and all I had to do with it was move it upwards a bit. The necklace is also a classic, I think, it is certainly not new, but it hasn’t dated. Here is Luna Jubilee’s sepia post
Kanata Brown (Shirt only): Barerose
Dirty Snow dress (Skirt only): Ghost (no longer available)
Crochet Lacey Wrap: Nylon Outfitters
Hair Lena ~ Blue: Amacci
Stone Halo Belt – moonstone/gold: Eolande’s
jupiter necklace PEARL: Swallowtail
Candy Clogs- brown: Shiny Things
Sheer Tintable Lycra Tights: GLAM (no longer available)
Eva (tone 1/bl): Tuli and eyes by Miriel (no longer available)
Pose by Lotta

Inspired by plum
Next up on Luna Jubilee’s 52 weeks of colour challenge is plum. I thought I was going to manage this quite well, but in the end I don’t seem to be wearing anything that is exactly the right colour. Oh well. I did start by wearing a Jane undershirt that was the right shade, but that disappeared once I’d fixed on a more sumptuous vintage feel for the outfit. Anyway, I think I am at least circling around the right shade.
This colour challenge has been great for discovering lost corners of my inventory. I can’t remember ever wearing this purple satin jacket (or indeed, buying it), nor these earrings. The headpiece is a “full perms” piece from Random Calliope that I picked up a couple of years ago. I put some of this many-coloured set (this is allowed by the creator) in a box here (in a box on a shelf up behind the bar).
Inspired by plum
Novice dress in lavender: Sascha’s
Catwalk Collection – Provocateur jacket: Adam n Eve
Inspiration hair in purple: Jolie Femme hair
Rustic UFO earrings: Periquita (group gift)
Slither headpiece in lavender: Random Calliope
Calla’s brooch: Flirt (Calla birthday gift)
Eva skin: Tuli
Eyes by Miriel (no longer available) and also wearing Juicy slingback pumps (not seen)
Poses by LAP