February 2011

Teal, on Megalith
I dressed up in tartan for a Scottish music event, and then realised that I had this tartan skirt in teal, so that decided the rest of the outfit for the 52 weeks of colour challenge. It is the very reasonably priced “Bonney Lass” skirt from Pixeldolls. I’ve had this a good while, but it wasn’t til I was looking for a jacket that I realised there was a “Bonney Lass” jacket to go with it, so I bought that too. The brooch is very like the sort of thing that gets worn with RL tartan dress.
This is a sturdy sort of costume so I was pleased to come across the Megalith sim, where I could get down to chopping some wood for my highland croft.
Working costume in teal: Chopping wood on Megalith
Bonney lass skirt and jacket in teal: Pixeldolls
Sweatshirt: Jane
Vinca brooch: Rozoregalia
Drop Earrings in blues: Caroline’s
Ninase hair: Zero style
Skins by Tuli and eyes by Miriel (no longer available)
(also wearing Shiny Things Saturday flats in Teal)

Teal, on megalith

I’m a bit late with my 52 weeks of color challenge post this week, but I actually decided pretty quickly that I wanted to wear this silky red dress. I think it was created to go with vampy high heels, but I thought I would work it into a more “boho early evening dinner” kind of look.
Diabolique dress: Icing
Jacket stripe navy: Awram viie (on dollarbie wall)
Black paisley scarf: Boho Hobo
Silje hair and blue hairbase: Amacci
Color hoop earrings: Zaara
Knotted bead strand, ruby: Shiny Things (possibly my oldest necklace, from the Gnubie Store)
Rose lace tights: G. Field
Diva flats: G. Field
Nail varnish: Ibizarre
Poses: Digital Dragon
Skin by Tuli and eyes by Miriel (no longer available)


Dark agent
My first thought about this 52 weeks of colour colour (black) was to go for a big flouncy dress, but I’ve blogged my favourite black flouncy dress. In the end, the key thing this week was falling for one of the new Ivalde dresses. Strictly speaking it’s grey, but (on my computer, anyway) it is a dark grey. I had already been toying with the idea of black wings, and the feathery nature of the skirt seemed to make it work: anyway, I like the idea of being a Dark Agent who wears killer heels and a smart pink jacket (rather than skulking round in black goth). In the first picture I’m about to delete all that pretty white icicle and snow nonsense, and in the second picture I’m back at the dark cathedral looking smug.
Dark agent
Keila dress: Ivalde
Luisa jacket in cranberry: Mimikri (this has a nice prim with pockets and belt, but they didn’t go with the wings)
Calix Black Wings: Material squirrel (they droop, flutter etc. and you can demo all the wings at the shop)
Portrait necklace: Yummy
Ziggy boots in *blessed*: Tesla
Rose Lace Tights -black: G. Field
Keyla cameo earrings in brushed steel: Britneyj Crimson (only available on SL Marketplace)
Hair: back view is Leslie (by Exile) and front view is Li (by Kin)
No longer available: Eva skin (old version) by Tuli and eyes by Miriel
First picture taken on Infolit iSchool, Second picture taken outside the Cathedral, Isle of Wyrms

For this week’s 52 week’s challenge I decided I wanted to use this Eshi Otawara shirt (on special offer at 50 Linden). Then I need a skirt to go with it: I tried on quite a few before I found this one on the SL Marketplace (I don’t think this colour is in the inworld shop, at least I couldn’t find it). I thought a biker jacket could add some toughness to go with the barbed wire, and this is my favourite.
Finally, I’m afraid you can’t see them too well, but I love these Tree of Life earrings, ET’s stuff is so unusual and pretty.

Barbed wire body in Emerald: Eshi Otawara (also includes a choker and earrings, not used)
Leather Biker Jacket/Black: Grasp (also has shoulder tabs, not used)
Garden Gypsy Flexi Skirt Emerald: Sangre Noir
Emme hair – teal: Truth (with a W&Y green hairbase)
Tree of Life Earrings: Elizabeth Tinsley
Short lace up boots (black, which has colour-change laces and sides) and rose lace tights (green): G. Field
Nails: Ibizarre
Skin by Tuli and eyes by Miriel (no longer available)